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an oven or broiler equipped with a rotating spit on which meat cooks as it turns

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a restaurant that specializes in roasted and barbecued meats

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Because many retailers position their rotisseries on or near the sales floor to grab customers' attention, safety is a priority.
Probably the biggest trend in rotisseries now is the move to help operators cut down on labor," says Tim Kasler, director of marketing for Eaton, Ohio-based Henny Penny.
Rotisseries are very visual; the more the rotisserie is a showpiece, the better you can sell the product and for a higher price.
There has even been a movement by members of the beef industry to develop recipes and promotions to attract supermarket operators to use their rotisseries to prepare more beef items.
Rotisseries, in general, have gained popularity due to their attractive appearance, their ability to distribute delicious aromas and the health consciousness of consumers.
However, more retailers are realizing that combis can produce chickens faster and more efficiently than rotisseries," says Woellert.
With the rapid emergence of foodservice as a profit center for food retailers, due in great part to expanded offerings as a result of a careful eye on the changing American palate, equipment has taken center stage in this growth, particularly in the area of ovens and rotisseries.
The latest from Coleman is the BackHome Select 8000 Series, which offers grills with stainless-steel burners; a high-output side burner for preparing special sauces, side dishes or sauting; and an electric rotisserie spit for slow roasting.
Asda produces thousands of litres of waste fat from its restaurants and rotisseries each year.
The unit, built at the company's Warwick headquarters in Field Close, is already in use in North America and is being recommended by Hardt, one of the world's largest chicken rotisserie makers.
Today 1515 Design imports and distributes Doregrill Rotisseries, the European leader in rotisserie manufacturing since 1963, and Frigomeccanica a unique Italian manufacturer of refrigerated display cases.
Three rotisseries are available to accommodate plates, various tube sizes such as 1.
Even as consumer interest in rotisseries is heating up, some retailers are leaving the product on the back burner.
As retailers become more open to cooking a variety of items in rotisseries, observers say they are showing an increased interest in accessories, attachments and customized models that can be adapted to rotisseries extended usage.