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an oven or broiler equipped with a rotating spit on which meat cooks as it turns

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a restaurant that specializes in roasted and barbecued meats

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And The Rotisserie Hub, is already proving to be popular.
They also sold roast potatoes, which were dripping, in all those rotisserie chicken juices, roasted greens and gravy to go.
The company will also roll out its newest line of rotisserie ovens designed to make life easier for deli and other foodservice operators while decreasing cooking times.
With easy to use dials, convection, rotisserie and ample space, etc.
Costco's rotisserie chicken program is governed by something called the two-hour rule.
a0x20 Rotisserie chicken unit sales are up 4%, year over year.
He added that the infomercials for the rotisserie will break on television in the fall, and the company is gearing them to air before Thanksgiving, in time for the holiday shopping season.
a leader in culinary appliances, quality cookware, and kitchen accessories, has unveiled a new addition to the home cook's healthy eating arsenal with the Vertical Rotisserie ($199), the first product of its kind for the company.
The nation's changing tastes has seen rose wine and hot rotisserie chicken added to the goods basket used to measure the cost of living, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said yesterday.
Rotisserie chicken is included as Britons spend more on hot takeaway food in supermarkets, while the switch from large one to two-litre cider bottles demonstrates current higher demand.
Each rotisserie is split into two halves, which can be exchanged to mix more than one tube type at the same time.
Home cooks who work on limited time will find attractive both the color photos and the ease of preparation in The Rotisserie Chicken Cookbook: all that's needed is a rotisserie setup to produce a range of dishes from appetizers to entrees, including soups, casseroles, sandwiches and more.
She said: "It's like the difference between a rotisserie meal and a microwave dinner.
For fun, bring a little bit of whimsy to the dinner table with ``no-shop,'' ``no-cook'' and ``shortcut meals'' that take advantage of convenience foods such as rotisserie chicken, frozen toaster waffles and pasta sauces in the jar, says Schettler of Real Simple magazine.