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Dix-Hallpike test was performed, and left horizontal rotatory nystagmus with a 2- to 3-s latency lasting for nearly 20 s was observed.
Most of the children had either horizontal or Rotatory Nystagmus.
The Dix-Hallpike test is positive when an anticlockwise rotatory nystagmus occurs towards the under most ear.
On physical examination, mild bilateral nystagmus on lateral gaze and rotatory nystagmus were present.
The diagnosis is based on findings of typical positional rotatory nystagmus provoked by the head-hanging position (Hallpike maneuver) [2] and the observation of certain characteristic features, including a brief latency (usually 1 to 5 sec), limited duration (usually [greater than]30 sec), reversal on assuming an upright position, and a fatiguing of the response on repeat testing.