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After pouring in a new portion of slag, the rotating mechanism, fitted with the electromechanical drive, is used for rotating the block of non-consumable electrodes into the working position (Fig.
When the moving bolster with the lower die is outside the press and the die plate undocked from the slide, the plate can be rotated 180 deg by means of the rotating mechanism in the press uprights.
As soon as the thermoplastic has sufficiently cooled down, the mold opens and the rotating mechanism transfers the part into the second cavity; here the elastomer material is injected onto the thermoplastic part.
35mm thickness, Rotating mechanism self lubricating steel device in polymer.
The patent describes a projection display device comprising a light source with a color rotating mechanism to sequentially produce light of four or more primary colors.
Traditional mechanical disks, due to their rotating mechanism, have difficulty complying with this requirement and typically operate at +5 degrees Celsius to +55 degrees Celsius.
The radiator beam is attached to the truss via a rotating mechanism called the thermal radiator rotary joint (TRRJ) that rotates the three radiators 105 degrees in either direction.
Its patented and automated recycling system for multi-story buildings uses an existing trash chute and rotating mechanism bin to separate and collect recyclables, which can then be sold.
In a rugged environment, the rotating mechanisms of a hard drive can fail, and are subject to partial and sometimes even total loss of data.
We believe we can grow this business immensely by applying this technology to other rotating mechanisms in aerospace and other industries.
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