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turned in a circle around an axis


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All the uploaded documents, as well as the resulting files (the rotated ones), are removed after they have been downloaded, or within a given time limit in the rare case when they are not downloaded.
Is the right shoulder rotated or sunken down more than the left?
In addition to the blades' interchangeability, the four identical blades can also be rotated in place, allowing all four cutting edges to be used.
Neutron spins are rotated by [pi]/2 from the longitudinal to transverse direction in the first [pi]/2 coil.
After filling is complete, the mold is rotated back into the car position and is decoupled, rotated another 90[degrees] before another gantry picks up the still-molten package and transfers it to a tray at the post-casting processing system load station.
When the terminal is rotated, the object will move out of the detection field of the light barrier.
Curiously, the polygons themselves rotated, although more slowly than their parent whirlpools.
We could have rotated better - we missed a lot of rotations out there.
The moldability test uses a loose mass of sand, which is rotated in the screen, and it measures the stickiness or cohesiveness of the sand mass as a measure of how free flowing it is.
When done properly, it will produce an extremely high throw with little distance, with the weight remaining over the rotated back leg.
There is complete open access to the patient and even with the C-arm rotated to the side, the head is always up for proper anatomic orientation.
This light bending mutes the observed variations in the burst's intensity, since some X rays can be detected even when the spot has rotated out of view.