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capable of being rotated

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Qc Industries' new Automation Series low profile belt conveyors offer pivot rotatable drives that can be quickly and easily rotated to almost any position as application requirements change.
The 12-page catalog details the features and options available on Automation Series conveyors, including signature features such as the Pivot[TM] rotatable drive; the Tension Release tail that flips up at the push of a button for easy belt changes and under-belt cleaning; the movable center drive; and the strong, single-piece aluminum frame.
The new machine is designed to use rotatable targets as well as planars, enabling sputtering of several metallic and non-metallic materials including precious metals such as platinum, gold and silver.
1" WXGA TFT LCD screen, 180 degree rotatable screen to convert from a notebook to tablet PC, Intel Core ULV Duo (Optional Intel Core 2 Duo), GPRS and 3G technology (optional) and up to 2GB RAM.
The kit includes rotatable heads for positioning the built-in gas valve on 17FV torches at any point on the handles and provide torch configurations for nonvalved 17Fs.
0 offers a spherical view that allows users to track an aircraft or their fleet around the world using the new rotatable 3D display.
The motors provide extra protection with corrosion resistant epoxy finish, regreasable ball bearings, oversized rotatable cast iron conduit boxes, stainless steel nameplate and corrosion resistant hardware.
These Jump Liners couple with Bernard's rotatable Q[TM] Gun necks, which separate from the handle without tools to provide easy access for quick liner changeover.
The LCD display is rotatable for easy viewing in any position.
The two included CD-ROMs contain interactive case studies; USMLE-style review questions; and 3-D models of MRI images, which generate layered, rotatable anatomical illustrations.
Here are the 59 rotatable letters comprising these classes:
Another 'improvement' could be a more rotatable neck joint like an owl for better vision.
The interior of the one-piece rotatable reflector assembly inside the shade has a chemically brightened clear anodized surface with 288 computer-enhanced facets that maximize output from a choice of vertically-oriented MH, MHP or HPS lamp options that deliver an effective projected light area of 2.
And it will enable them to quickly manipulate the data into visual reports, rotatable 3D graphs, and executive dashboards.