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Healthcare company Abbott disclosed on Tuesday the receipt of approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the world's smallest Masters HP 15mm rotatable mechanical heart valve that will allow doctors to treat babies and toddlers in need of a mitral or aortic valve replacement.
lt;=300 MW with, clogP, rotatable bonds, H-bond donors and acceptors all <3.
An integral carry handle and rotatable kickstand lets you pack it anywhere and use it upright or horizontal.
The company reports a highlight of the SV is also the rotatable display, which can show the flow rate and temperature as well as user-defined location information.
The most obvious detail will be the rotatable camera, but Polaroid has also "borrowed" the touch trackpad located on the back of both devices, neowin reported.
Users can now view rotatable OpenGL 3-D graphs, which can be distributed and used without installing the analysis and graphing software.
The Polaris transmitter is backlit and rotatable with the capability of measuring forward and reverse flow rates, as well as total volume.
The TU RBOVAC i family is equipped with a rotatable vacuum flange connection, integrated drive electronics with direct 24/48 V DC supply, as well as a flexible communication interface with USB, RS 485 and digital I/O ports.
Loosely based on the same design concept as Safetray, the G-hold is a retractable and rotatable device which uses micro-suction material.
It has a secure and rotatable clip that lets users wear
There is now also more leg-room for each seat and a rotatable centre armrest.
The hall lights are outfitted with a rotatable holder, making their installations an easy work.
In addition, Hiltron is displaying its HMAM motorised satellite antenna mount, a complete high-precision rotatable satellite antenna mount designed for two-way VSAT communication or receive-only downlink applications in commercial satellite operations.
In the case of the Sony it's the fully rotatable lens assembly that means you can film yourself without any awkward craning about the place - making it ideal for the narcissists out there.
EVGA's InterView Dual Display features two rotatable super-thin, high-resolution 17-inch TFT LCD displays supported by one desktop stand.