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a printing press for printing from a revolving cylinder

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In 1953 the paper hit 100,000 daily sales for the first time, and a new rotary press was installed.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication And Supply Of Tooling Sets For Rotary Press As Per Purchasers Tender Document.
The radomes are pressure formed from UV-stabilized ABS sheet on a rotary press at cycles of roughly 3 min, depending on the size.
Company will be exhibiting a full line of solid dosage equipment including the: OYSTAR Manesty Xpress[R] 500 Tablet Press with AccuSpray[TM]; the OYSTAR Manesty FLEXITAB[R] is a fully automated, single station tablet press with a multi-layer tablet function; the OYSTAR Manesty XSpress R&D Rotary Press provides R&D users with advanced instrumentation and data acquisition software to analyze compression force, ejection force and punch displacement; the OYSTAR Huttlin Unilab Fluid Bed System ; for drying, granulating, and coating/layering, the Unilab Fluid Bed System is a mobile system with an operator panel, designed to process batches from 0.
Celebrating the Blythe Liggins' sponsorship of the Two Castles Run are (top left clockwise): Rotary Club of Kenilworth president Philip Highley; Richard Thornton, a partner at Blythe Liggins Solicitors; Rotary press officer Bob Kelly; Rotarian Phillip Southwell, co-chairman of the Run organising committee; and Blythe Liggins partner Richard Moon.
Patrick Riley (right), senior partner of Blythe Liggins Solicitors with (left to right) Rotary Club of Kenilworth president Maurice Holden, solicitor Richard Moon and Rotary press officer Bob Kelly
Into the new building went a Marinoni rotary press ( the first in the area ( counting and clickety-clacking out 20,000 copies an hour.
Late breaking news, highlighted on page 6, includes details on the Auma rotary press from Berstorff, a compression molding press from Wabash MPI, a pneumatic bale cutter from Rubber City Machinery, and more.
Looking Glass, he said, will have the same effect on web space creation that rotary press had on publishing.
The company secured its agreement from Rotary Press Building Systems Inc.
Main quantities: Excavation: 14,000 m3 Concrete demolition: 2,700 m3 RE-hlwEnnde: 1~70 0m2 Anchor: 14 St Sprout: 120 t MikrobohrpfEnhle: 54 St Displacement rotary press piles: 425 St Channel egg-profile 900 / 1350mm: 30 m Pressbohrvortrieb NW 400 / 600mm: 35 m Perron edges: 190 m Gravel mixtures: 3,600 t Asphalt pavements: 500 t Edgings: 150 m Reinforced concrete: 5000 m3 Bituminous seals: 2~600 m2 Mounting Steel: 45 t WP-filters: 268 St Sites North: The space around the staircase Nord (north Rosenbergstrasse) and the space between the ramp and platform 4 and the Rosenbergstrasse be redesigned and refurbished.
Jim Hutchison, president of Infinity Foils, Lenexa, KS, USA, a hot stamping foil supplier, says that the most recognized and traditional rotary press applications of decorative hot stamping foils include wine and spirits, and personal care, cosmetics and perfume labeling.
Rotary press officer Bob Kelly said: "The numbers just keep increasing year on year.
The Auma rotary press is characterized by its continuous production, giving constant output quality, according to the company.
Also on This Day: 1118: Birth of CanterburyArchbishop Thomas A Becket;1620: The Pilgrim Fathers landed on Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts; 1846: Augustus Appelgarth patented the first rotary press to be used in Britain; 1879: Birth of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin; 1891: James Naismith invented basketball; 1908: The Port of London Authority was inaugurated; 1988: A terrorist bomb killed 281 when a Pan Am aircraft blew up over Lockerbie in Scotland.