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The pump pressurize the water to a certain pressure and filter is to filter the foreign particles in the water, then sends to the control valve which controls the direction of the pressurized water to be sent then the cylinder attached with it reciprocates meanwhile the rotary motion is also produced by using scotch-yoke mechanism with the help of worm gears.
The rotary motion of the filter drum provides a blending effect to ensure homogeneous conditions in the melt.
As shown on Ishida's stand at Interpack in May 2014, the Ishida First Range comprises either a 10 or 14-head CCW-SE economy multihead weigher with an intermittent motion Astro-S-103 bagmaker or a 14-head economy weigher with a rotary motion Atlas-113 packaging machine.
I think that this is a major reason why rotary microtomes, where the cutting is part of the rotary motion, have become common.
Also, although the trim tooling travels in a rotary motion, the actual trimming is a conventional impact trim.
The multi-turn capability is based on an all-electronic rotation counter system that is powered by energy harvested from the rotary motion of the device's shaft.
Used to convert rotary motion to linear travel, Roh'lix linear actuators carry loads at speeds up to 70 inches per second depending on size.
In this design, the springs, made from biocompatible titanium, ensure smooth, homogeneous rotary motion.
Jena Tec, which employs 178 people across manufacturing facilities in Nottingham, Germany and the USA, is a designer and manufacturer of high quality precision linear and rotary motion components supplying machine tool, automation and medical sectors.
The additional cost and complicated algorithm associated with the sinusoidal architecture has limited its growth potential in the past, but its smooth rotary motion makes it popular for applications that require quiet operation and low vibration.
com)-- Machinery automation brushless DC and intelligent servo motor manufacturer, Dunkermotor, today announced that Olympus Controls, headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, has become an authorized distributor for its full line of linear and rotary motion products.
The plate turnover device places the wood pallet upward with a rotary motion for easy removal, while simultaneously aligning the sheet package directly to the required reference point.
Working with the University of Zimbabwe's Development Technology Center, CTI volunteers gauged the Omega burr mill to increase paste output in rural women's cooperatives about one order of magnitude, moving from linear to rotary motion.
Note: A pitman rod is a device by which lateral motion is converted to rotary motion, or vice versa.