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Synonyms for rosy-cheeked

having the pinkish flush of health

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But once you dab a small amount onto your cheekbone and rub it in, you're left rosy-cheeked and with an outdoorsy glow.
Jojo Burke, from Cardiff, was rosy-cheeked and wide-eyed as she celebrated Red Nose Day.
Kate smiled at rosy-cheeked" Kate smiled at rosy-cheeked Naya during a visit to meet foster carers in London.
The popular online cat magazine brings to life the journals of Frank the Cat as he discovers a newfound nemesis in the guise of a rosy-cheeked, shifty eye elf who sits on a shelf (or in the Christmas tree, liquor cabinet or anyplace out of Frank's desperate reach).
These three festive photos of the rosy-cheeked tot were yesterday released by the proud parents who took them - Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.
In all the pictures a rosy-cheeked George is sitting on stone steps in a courtyard in Kensington Palace where his parents William and Kate live in Princess Margaret's former apartment.
Director Steve Loter and his team of animators dilute that message by festooning the screen with pretty, slim, rosy-cheeked and beautifully coiffed protagonists dressed in figure hugging fairy fashions of every conceivable flattering cut and hue.
Rollicking writing, particularly the wry dialogue, and rosy-cheeked characters will delight young readers and lap listeners.
It features three scenes, the main one showing a rosy-cheeked Snow White in front of a castle in her classic outfit with a bright yellow skirt, surrounded by the dwarfs and other characters from the film.
Rosy-cheeked with excitement on Christmas morning, I discovered viscose was in fact a grainy cloth that one could use to exfoliate one's face, before straining some curd through it.
Last week I was a little rosy-cheeked after sitting in unexpected warm autumnal sun.
She said that one should not expect their child to be a rosy-cheeked cherub when he's born.
95 - are a long, long way from the stock image of rosy-cheeked garden companions.
When I was young we walked to school in heavy snow, arriving wet and rosy-cheeked, but we were full of beans and we didn't even get a sniffle.
In Philadelphia Thursday, Allison and Amelia were rosy-cheeked and dressed in animal-striped shirts.