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Synonyms for rostrum

Synonyms for rostrum

a platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence to the person on it

beaklike projection of the anterior part of the head of certain insects such as e


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Do you think this rostrum is a place of disgrace,' asked Justice Siddiqui.
Next to the rostrum was Bobby Smith on the subject Revelations.
Hancox, meanwhile, was involved with some tough riding as he battled his way to 14 points but that wasn't enough for a rostrum place.
Duterte was delivering a speech at a tourism event in Davao City on a rostrum where the presidential seal was attached upside down, giving some netizens something to feast on.
The rostrum of the paddlefish, a species of ancient cartilaginous fish, displays unique strength, yet knowledge is lacking on what cellular and biochemical features interact during the fish's development to give the rostrum its unique strength.
Key words: Sitophilus oryzae, rice weevil, rostrum, insect pest, stored food products, SEM.
When the fresh-cut longitudinal and transversal sections of the studied belemnites are analyzed under SEM, it is observed that calcite crystals in the rostrum solidum emerge radially from the apical line towards the apex and external walls of the rostrum (Fig.
The race was the sixth on the card, and in earlier races a different starter was atop his rostrum as the runners came out on course.
Var of Jagland and Davutoy-lu while going up to rostrum
SCUFFLES involving several dozen policymakers erupted at Ukraine's parliament after one deputy tried to drag the prime minister away from the rostrum.
SCUFFLES involving several dozen policy-makers erupted at Ukraine's parliament after one deputy tried to drag the Prime Minister away from the rostrum.
PESHAWAR -- Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif who came here Friday to attend and address centennial celebration of Islamic College Peshawar directed to remove bulletproof rostrum installed for him as part of security measures.
In January, several hardline lawmakers interrupted Motahari while he was speaking from the Majlis rostrum about the house arrest issue.
After a number of rostrum nishes, he is eager to go one better this time around and ensure he gives his con-dence a timely boost on the eve of the Elite League season.
Head not depressed above eyes; frons slightly narrower than narrowest part of the rostrum in dorsal view (Fig.