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Synonyms for rostrum

Synonyms for rostrum

a platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence to the person on it

beaklike projection of the anterior part of the head of certain insects such as e


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Marsh took second while Pitt came third - her first rostrum place of the year.
Limited Tenders are invited for Tender For Procurement Of Smart Rostrum
In January, several hardline lawmakers interrupted Motahari while he was speaking from the Majlis rostrum about the house arrest issue.
While in Parliament on Thursday, Petkova used the rostrum to fend off speculation that activities are still being carried out.
After a number of rostrum nishes, he is eager to go one better this time around and ensure he gives his con-dence a timely boost on the eve of the Elite League season.
Governor Bill Cole are the first Republicans to take the rostrum since the Capitol building opened in 1932.
Leanne from Wales is impatient to get to the rostrum, Peter of Belfast is cross that he's not invited to the party and not-sogorgeous George Galloway whines "Oi, what about me?
volume on the rostrum and naming it, the dealer clicked his pen, handing
IT'S a very sad day when our Prime Minister uses the rostrum in the House of Commons this week to deride the French Government for selling arms to Russia in the aftermath of the tragedy of the Malaysian airline crash in the Ukraine.
The clash took place after various groups staged protests over Simranjit Singh Mann, the head of the Shiromani Akali Dal (Mann Group), attempting to give a speech from the rostrum of the Akal Takht in the complex.
Justice Faisal Arab remarked " you can put question directly to interior secretary when he comes to rostrum.
Head not depressed above eyes; frons slightly narrower than narrowest part of the rostrum in dorsal view (Fig.
alba (Haddock and Chaplin, 1982) and also infestation by Apion rostrum Say (Apionidae) which is a pre-dispersal seed predator of both perennials (Petersen et al.
Cemil Ecicek calls Mustafa Balbay to rostrum for oath
Not I by Polish composer Agata Zubel and So Very Strange by Icelandic composer Ulfur Hansson were selected "most worthy for worldwide broadcasting" by radio music producers participating in the International Music Council's 60th International Rostrum of Composers in Prague in May.