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erect plant with small clusters of pink trumpet-shaped flowers of southwestern United States

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The first half of season eight saw Rosita, Rick Grimes and the rest of heroic survivors from the Alexandra community set out to launch a pitch battle with the evil Saviors gang, led by big baddie Negan, who wants to conquer and enslave the other postapocalyptic communities.
Rosita says: "If I didn't have the circus, I'd probably just crawl into a hole and stay there forever.
If not Sasha and Rosita, perhaps Rick, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and the gang will finally get their chance.
Weldon as a character provides an offsetting moralistic tone to the evil surrounding him and Rosita.
My aim for this and every issue of Surface is similar to that of Van Assche, Rosita, and these other creative masters: to show that an old medium--in this case, a magazine--can shake up conventions, do things differently than the rest, and celebrate the past while remaining firmly grounded in the present.
Mexican dancer Rosita gets a chauffeur driven ride in a Bentley around Billingham by John Collins
Rosita had told models to remove their bras before sending them onto the runway at a major show in Florence so that the colours of the bras would not show through the knitwear.
En 1951 los mineros de Nueva Rosita y Cloete, Coahuila, abandonaron los tuneles de carbon para defenderse de los embates de la empresa estadunidense Asarco que, coludida con el sindicalismo charro, lesiono los logros que por ley pertenecian a la masa trabejadora.
TSX VENTURE:ALR) is pleased to announce that significant historic diamond drill intercept data for the Santa Rita pit located on the Rosita D concession has been recovered from archives at the government mines library in Managua, Nicaragua.
Rosita is survived by her children: Sandra Cabral and Mario; her sister, Esther; son-in-law, Herb Cabral; daughter-in-law, Cindy Emiliani; and four grandchildren: Michael, Julia, Joey, and Dante.
Tiny four-month-old Rosita crushed by rubble and suffering internal bleeding was rushed to an Israeli field hospital by her dad Oshel.
17) En el caso de Lorca, la tradicion popular andaluza del teatro de titeres se toma como modelo para dos obras, la Tragicomedia de don Cristobal y la sena Rosita, que amalgama elementos folkloricos junto con otros cercanos a los ballets russes de Diaghilev, y el Retablillo de don Cristobal, que insiste en temas, personajes y tecnicas del teatro de titeres, pero se aleja del espectaculo "de arte" y explora otras caracteristicas del teatro popular, en relacion con los intereses mostrados en el teatro irrepresentable": El publico (1930) y Asi que pasen cinco anos (1931).
She plays Rosita, the assistant of the 'other' Doctor, played by David Morrissey, who suddenly appears when David Tennant's Time Lord visits Victorian London.