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Synonyms for rosiness

a rosy color (especially in the cheeks) taken as a sign of good health

a healthy reddish complexion

a dusty pink color


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Not all of that fiscal rosiness was the work of Stand for Children; a good part was due to the City Council's earlier decision to cut costs on retirees' health care.
This view, unfortunately, did not take into account the fact that the Japanese real estate market bubble was about to burst, and with it a good deal of the rosiness in our future.
The twinkle in Hodek's eyes needs no work; he pinches his own cheeks for a little rosiness.
Cheerful almost to rosiness, pretty in her pink uniform and square white apron, Georgia never forgets to ask What else can I get you today?
Fortunately after trying the Extreme Power Multivitamin Facial (pounds 35) my pasty, dehydrated face has regained its rosiness.
It needed Rafa Benitez's arrival, apparently, to bring rosiness back into the Melwood garden.