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Synonyms for rosin

any of a class of solid or semisolid viscous substances obtained either as exudations from certain plants or prepared by polymerization of simple molecules

rub rosin onto

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RE3600 series: phenol free modified rosin resins for paste in applications.
The picture Rosin paints of women in the professional classes, after all, diverges widely from the picture of the working and middle-middle classes.
For the most part, this blend works, as Rosin has her finger squarely on the pulse of contemporary culture, despite her propensity for sweeping pronouncements, generalizations and repetition.
Women are more "plastic" than men, Rosin argues, though she admits she does not understand why.
Ink manufacturers will likely see an increase in issues related to nitrocellulose, titanium dioxide, and additives, as well as persistence of the issues in rosin resin and some pigments.
As an important pine product, gum rosin is widely used in the production of adhesive, paint & coating, rubber, food, paper and ink, batik, etc.
Therefore, eliminating rosin would force a change in the composition of soldering flux and solder paste that will ultimately affect the reliability of the final product.
The European Commission cleared, on 16 January, the acquisition of Abieta Chemie GmbH of Germany, a leading European rosin upgrading company, by Arizona Chemical of the US.
THE SOURCE: "American Murder Mystery" by Hanna Rosin, in The Atlantic, July-Aug.
City council boss Vicky Rosin said trying to stop fans drinking would be like telling them to "stop breathing".
Croda Arias G-1205 is a low-foaming, non-ionic rosin acid-based surfactant.
The 24-year-old injects herself four times a day with insulin to control her condition, and gave birth to her first baby Rosin three weeks ago at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital after being monitored by the pregnancy team.
The evaluations utilizing FTIR, DSC, GC, TGA, and empirically designed observations, show that most of the compounds in the deposits are not derived from wax compounds but rather from the decomposition of the input wood, Southern Yellow Pine (SYP), into complex rosin structures.
Houston -- Habian asientos y mesas arregladas en el cuarto de presentaciones del Magnolia Multi-Center (MC) para un almuerzo en honor a un invitado especial: Adolfo Rosin.