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any of several southern African geraniums having fragrant three-lobed to five-lobed leaves and pink flowers

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ROSE GERANIUM SUGAR Use in place of sugar in baking, icings, teas, and fruit salads.
Just to add to the confusion Pelargonium graveolens is known the world over by the common name of Rose Geranium and the oil distilled from its aromatic leaves is much sought after in the perfume industry.
Featuring an anti-ageing cream containing natural moisturisers, orange and patchouli hand cream, peppermint and witch hazel foot cream, rose geranium body lotion and mango body butter, it is beautifully presented in a pink and white gift box lined with pink tissue paper.
The Floris team came across a previously unreleased receipt from Monroe then known as Marilyn Monroe Miller, ordering six bottles of Floris Rose Geranium eau de toilette in 1959 under the false name of a Dorothy Blass, Monroe's personal secretary.
Another benefit that rose oil shares with other rose-fragranced plants, such as rose geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) and palmarosa (Cymbopogon martini) is that ticks dislike its scent, making rose a natural tick repellent.
Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash, pounds 12 Heavenly scented, luxuriously moisturising and deeply soothing thanks to their bespoke blend of skin-quenching rose otto oil, palma rosa and mood-balancing rose geranium oils.
A blend of macadamia oil, pink grapefruit oil, lemon leaf oil, rose oil, rose geranium oil and calendula, it is a non-greasy formula with a fresh floral-citrus fragrance.
MERINGUES Laced with a hint of rose geranium essential oil, these sweets have a subtle floral twist.
Menu will reflect whatever's available, perhaps Corn Custard; Tomato Tarts; definitely something with fresh berries and greens; and definitely Roasted Garlic on Hideaway Bread With Blue Cheese, and Shortcakes With Rose Geranium Ice Cream and Marionberries for dessert.
What do you get when you mix lemon verbena with rose geranium, or lemongrass with mint and vanilla?
them to Fargo with my old rose geranium brought, to remind me of home,
Bayliss Ranch's method of steam extraction captures the volatile aromatic constituents of plants (including, among others, lavender, rose geranium, sage and peppermint).
A blend of lavender, rose geranium, rose and jasmine essential oils (ratio 4:2:1:1) in a base oil of almond (90%) and evening primrose (10%) oils was used for each treatment.
As the name implies, the operation serves two purposes: one is the distillation of essential oils from lemon grass and rose geranium grown in the area by local farmers, and the other is the extraction of the active chemical ingredient of the indigenous lippia javanica traditionally used in the region to repel mosquitoes.