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Synonyms for rosary

a string of beads used in counting prayers (especially by Catholics)

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It would be pleasing to the saints if one used so fine a rosary as this, instead of wearing it as a vain bijou.
I wish I knew where all these pretty things would go when Aunt March dies," she said, as she slowly replaced the shining rosary and shut the jewel cases one by one.
Esther had given her a rosary of black beads with a silver cross, but Amy hung it up and did not use it, feeling doubtful as to its fitness for Protestant prayers.
And then it occurred to him how he might make one, and that was by tearing a great strip off the tail of his shirt which hung down, and making eleven knots on it, one bigger than the rest, and this served him for a rosary all the time he was there, during which he repeated countless ave-marias.
A priest, perhaps,' said Chota Lal, spying the rosary.
Then, fingering his rosary, he half turned to the Museum.
Then the lama took snuff from a portentous wooden snuff-gourd, fingered his rosary awhile, and so dropped into the easy sleep of age, as the shadow of Zam-Zammah grew long.
The Philippine Church has mobilized Filipino children to pray the rosary for world peace, especially for the children displaced or suffering because of the wars in Syria and Asia Minor.
Rosary High School senior Camryn Streid, daughter of Robbyn and Gene Streid of Elburn, was presented with the Brattin Civic Youth Award at the annual Pearl Harbor Day Luncheon on December 4 in Aurora.
Michael Parish, is inviting all members of the Central Maine area to participate in the organization's Family Rosary Program.
By: Anji Essam CAIRO --27th of May: Manufacturing rosary beads is an ancient craft, which exists mainly in the great mosques areas, such as the area of Al-Hussein Mosque and Al Sayeda Zeinab Mosque.
Meanwhile, Talal Al-Shatti, the owner of the rosaries gallery, said the event provides a chance for the new generation to know about the historical development of the rosary industry.
Praying the rosary may be the best practice of all.
Once a widow confided to a priest that she not only meditated on the Rosary but effectively applied it in her life.
Rahi's sermon came during a mass celebrating the canonization of Marie-Alphonsine Danil Ghattas, a Palestinian Christian nun who founded the Dominican Sisters of the Most Holy Rosary of Jerusalem (the Rosary Sisters), the first Palestinian congregation.