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a ski tow offering only a moving rope to hold onto

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So the Forest Service granted Thurston a permit to set up his rope tow, powered by an automobile engine, in the "bowl" at the base of a cinder cone named Hoodoo Butte.
MONARCH MOUNTAIN (MONARCH, CO) While the old Chevy engine rope tow has given way to seven lifts, little else has changed at this ski area near Salida.
1; 2 -- 4 -- color) Mammoth's accomodations for skiers have come a long way from the primitive rope tow, near left, used in the 1940s and '50s.
Juneau Lifts: 2 chairs, 1 rope tow Vertical elevation: 1,400 feet Daily price: Adult ($24), youth ($17) For information: (907) 586-5284
DETAILS: Four lifts, one rope tow, 1,600 vertical feet.
ski area would be suicide, proceeding nonetheless to set the first rope tow there - powered by a Model T Ford engine - in 1934 on a hill identified on topographic maps only as "No.
The prototype that rolled out of the Massachusetts luggage factory in October 1970 had four wheels and a rope tow to pull it along.
In addition to the Snow Bunny sled hill, Hoodoo has the Autobahn tubing hill with its own rope tow.
Number of lifts: Seven - two quads, four doubles, one rope tow
Each tube accommodates one adult and one child, and the ride uphill is nearly as fun as sailing down: You latch the hook on your tube to the rope tow and sprawl across for an enjoyably bumpy ride.
It certainly was big, with a 250-foot vertical drop, but it was contoured all wrong for a rope tow, which was the extent of our imaginations at the moment.
That was at a time when Willamette Pass still had a rope tow and Mount Bachelor was not what it is today.
The 40-year-old ski area started out with a chairlift and a rope tow.
Perhaps she was thinking of the dreaded rope tow of days gone by, where pile-ups, graceless spills and all manner of awkward antics accompanied getting on and off.
Willamette Pass - the first local ski area to provide a rope tow for snow tubes - last year sought and received U.