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a ski tow offering only a moving rope to hold onto

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You had to park out along the highway and ski in" to the rope tow, recalls Jim Hosmer, 87, who now lives in Eugene but grew up in Bend and who began skiing at Hoodoo with high school friends shortly after the new ski area opened.
Anchorage Lifts: 1 chair, 1 rope tow Vertical elevation: 294 feet Daily price: Adult ($18), youth ($12-$16) For information: (907) 346-1446
The 40-year-old ski area started out with a chairlift and a rope tow.
This project would purchase snow machine capable of evacuating an injured skier uphill to the parking lot (where local club first aid responders would transfer care to local EMS providers), as well as for use packing both the access right of way and the tow path of the rope tow itself.
Perhaps she was thinking of the dreaded rope tow of days gone by, where pile-ups, graceless spills and all manner of awkward antics accompanied getting on and off.
Willamette Pass - the first local ski area to provide a rope tow for snow tubes - last year sought and received U.
Last Wednesday's big first snowfall of the season found Paul cutting first tracks and descents on his X-C skis in the hilly terrain of the city's Green Hill Park, which once hosted a rope tow.
Willamette Pass' new halfpipe, installed on a former rope tow slope near the lodge, is 300 feet long with 10-foot-high walls.
McCoy, a spry 84, sat in his Main Lodge office recently and reflected on the days in the 1930s when he rigged a portable rope tow so he and his friends wouldn't have to sidestep up the face of the hill.
Photo: Snow-flocked evergreen stands besideskier sliding by on Hidden Lake Lift, a rope tow at Powder Mountain
Does anyone remember skiing in front of Burbank Hospital when they had the rope tow there?
At Suicide Six in Vermont, they had a rope tow that went up halfway.
During the summer months, however, he shows his wild side on Buffumville Lake in Oxford, on a rope tow behind a 20-foot Malibu Flight Craft at 45 mph.
He voted to give the Carusos a break, reasoning that with only two small surface lifts - a T-bar and rope tow - any hazard was minimal, given that there has been only one lift fatality in the state.
The early ski operator had to be creative and versatile, says Coniff, pointing to the invention of the rope tow to haul people up the slope.