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a ladder with side pieces of rope

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Why, Tom Sawyer, how you talk," I says; "Jim ain't got no use for a rope ladder.
Well," I says, "if it's in the regulations, and he's got to have it, all right, let him have it; because I don't wish to go back on no regulations; but there's one thing, Tom Sawyer -- if we go to tearing up our sheets to make Jim a rope ladder, we're going to get into trouble with Aunt Sally, just as sure as you're born.
This was not, however, a rope ladder, but a ball of silk cord, with a narrow board which was to pass between the legs, the ball to unwind itself by the weight of the person who sat astride upon the board.
Contract notice: Purchase of steel wire rope ladders.
The climbing frames feature zip wires, rope ladders, bridges and solid beams.
It's fun when you are jumping over and through the rope ladders, skipping, jumping in and out of the hoops and catching the ball.
FIRE crews using rope ladders rescued a man who was trapped 20ft up a set of scaffolding.
Jordan had Jones skipping through tyres and using rope ladders to get her up to speed in preparation for dancing to It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing last night, see right.
Our kids had great fun, making friends on the wooden train and challenging themselves to climb high on the rope ladders and climbing frame.
Let them see the forest in a different light and join tribes of adventure-seekers, climbing rope ladders into the trees and experiencing the thrills of trekking - 40 feet above the ground.
A series based on ladders relates to traditions of rope ladders, Jacob's ladder, the tree of life, and the theme of ascending heavens.
Several rope ladders were installed to allow escape.
Those taking part climb rope ladders, a tight rope walk or swing from trapezes and tyres.
Her figure looked amazing and everyone was impressed with her professionalism, even though she had to hang from rope ladders at one point.
At the moment prisoners are escaping by building rope ladders, being helped over the wall from outside or by walking out wearing visitors' clothes.