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a ladder with side pieces of rope

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Why, Tom Sawyer, how you talk," I says; "Jim ain't got no use for a rope ladder.
Well," I says, "if it's in the regulations, and he's got to have it, all right, let him have it; because I don't wish to go back on no regulations; but there's one thing, Tom Sawyer -- if we go to tearing up our sheets to make Jim a rope ladder, we're going to get into trouble with Aunt Sally, just as sure as you're born.
This was not, however, a rope ladder, but a ball of silk cord, with a narrow board which was to pass between the legs, the ball to unwind itself by the weight of the person who sat astride upon the board.
There are three common methods for cannulation of a hemodialysis vascular access: the rope ladder technique (puncture sites change for each subsequent hemodialysis at a distance from the preceding site), the area puncture technique (needles are inserted in the same small area over time), and the buttonhole technique (putting the needles in exactly the same spot, angle, and depth with each insertion).
1965: Ronald Biggs, one of the Great Train Robbers, scaled the wall of Wandsworth Prison with a rope ladder and escaped.
1965: Ronald Biggs (above), one of the Great Train Robbers, scaled the wall of Wandsworth Prison with a rope ladder and escaped.
Anglin He scaled the prison wall using a rope ladder and made his escape in a removals van that was waiting for him outside the jail.
The Danwatch report, with daily newspaper Politiken and broadcaster TV2, includes footage of four workers climbing a rope ladder up the side of the Producer without safety harnesses or other fall protection, then lifting a gas canister after them with a rope.
1965: Ronald Biggs, one of the Great Train Robbers, escaped from Wandsworth Prison with a rope ladder.
Jan Wilson, of Pentre Berw, said her daughter Olivia and her crewmates made a "leap of faith" up a rope ladder and onto safety on a Liberian carrier ship after waiting 16 hours for rescue.
Among the "extreme dangers": a four-foot rope ladder, a tire swing, and a "nest" made of rope and bike tires.
Trampolines are partitioned into several separate areas of the warehouse, including a section for trampoline dodgeball, a trampoline basketball area, a general jumping area, and an area with foam pits and a rope ladder.
WHILE near the Huskisson Dock just after midnight on Friday, Detective Cox saw two men row alongside in a small boat, ascend the quay by a rope ladder, and try to open the gates of two sheds.
Then they climb up hundreds of feet of hand-made rope ladder armed with a protective suit and a long bamboo pole, known as a tango, to scoop it from the high hives.
Ronningsbakken performed various balancing acts at the steel supportive beams of the bridge and on a rope ladder hanging down from a hot air balloon.