rope burn

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abrasion (usually on the hands) caused by friction from a rope

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The officers saw that the woman had a "severe rope burn around her neck" and requested a paramedic from West Midlands Ambulance Service to treat the woman's injuries.
Please, we need more men", said Abigail Stein, 31, as she inspected a rope burn on her ankle.
after inspectors observe large rope burn "lesions" on two baby elephants - Doc and Angelica - caused by forcibly separating the babies from their mothers well before the end of their natural weaning period.
Siebold is also the author of Doing Time Online and Rope Burn.
Handler Alaw Jones, 20, suffered rope burn as she struggled to restrain Garmon Abba in an unequal battle on the championship sawdust at Anglesey showground, Gwalchmai.
And on Rope Burn, Janet stripped off to expose a bulging black bra, and did a LAP DANCE for a lucky male fan who was plucked from the audience.
Some of the listed injuries on offer to jumpers, apart from severe cranial trauma, include rope burn, dislocations, eye trauma and uterine prolapse.
The pain was instant, like a constant rope burn, but I released my arms and hung in a cross shape, worrying how I would get out of this one.
By accident I've grabbed a rope as I was falling and I've given myself a really nasty rope burn which takes ages to heal as it always goes septic.
But he said he was left with a neck injury and rope burn to his chest and right arm when after reaching the top of the pole, he jumped to catch the trapeze and lost his grip on the wooden bar he was meant to grab.
The incident I remember most was when a chunk of flesh was bitten from his arm and he had a rope burn on his neck.
They found several old bullet holes as well as a rope burn on his neck.
I can usually count on 60 seconds before the first rope burns through, but it was more like 45 seconds, which was too fast.