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Synonyms for rootless

Synonyms for rootless

wandering aimlessly without ties to a place or community


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What we do has a great effect on the future, when the rootless will set down roots.
And yet it seems that rootless youths growing up in often deprived communities alienated from their families, feeling neither truly part of Britain nor part of their parents' homeland and culture, are ripe targets for those who sow the seeds of evil.
Powerful, passionate work doesn't arise from such a rootless mix n' match basis - no more than great literature can be written in Esperanto.
The Rootless Forest will feature 100 alders and birches planted on a converted canal hopper which will travel along West Midland waterways for two months.
the invalid, broken pieces Drifting and rootless, rising and
The event hoped to rescue young people from a "culture with no fixed points of reference that produces rootless people who are deprived of safe and sound foundations in their lives.
He shows the idea of a rootless and alienated existence by the pensive expression of his female figures, reflecting his view of todays urban life.
Cameron decried the Western live-and-let-live attitude that leaves rootless youths subject to malign influence from charismatic purveyors of hatred.
Too often, young people collectively get a bad name because of the well-publicised activities of the feckless, rootless, aimless minority, many of whom are doomed to go on to become the criminal troublemakers of the future.
In hidden ways, it spoke to me: "Welcome, youth of rootless skin, your future lies, with us, within.
Nameless, rootless stone thrower, an occupier, a terrorist, a fanatic.
Their devotion to the church, says Allen, is a response to their coming of age in a "secular, rootless world.
He termed the "hasty" resort of the US and Israel to "such a rootless group" for covering their crimes "a new disgrace" for US President Barack Obama.
Finally there are the pre-detective days, which McNair spent rootless, traveling around the world and consorting with exciting characters--gun-runners and princes and the occasional fiance.
Yasser Abed Rabbo, secretary-general of the PLO's Executive Committee said in a statement that "the reports are rootless," adding "this subject has not been raised even for discussion and the current acting government would remain until President Abbas makes his mind.