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1] This teaching, however, was like a seed that lacked the soil and cultivation needed for firm rootage and growth.
As Brueggemann sees it, the central problem for Christian believers "is not emancipation but rootage, not meaning, but belonging, not separation from community but location within it, not isolation from others but placement deliberately between the generation of promise and fulfillment.
There may be congenialities and coincidences, but these are more likely grounded in long-term political and economic understandings than in any theological rootage among either Jews or evangelicals.
The Episcopal rootage of this volume is also apparent in its sense of spirituality as both context and content in the conversation.
He believed in the rootage of moral truth in the nature of things, but was prepared to learn that values are a product of "selfish gene" struggles to survive the evolutionary process.
In this deeper rootage human beings properly live in cooperation with a wider range of "Others" and in fact become bound together with them in dependence upon the Rule of God.
Although the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not a binding legal document, and although it is currently being challenged by some on the basis of its rootage in Western secularism or its potential use as yet another tool by which the wealthy countries of the North and West may lord it over the rest of the world, it does set forth the framework for such a consensus.
Since I love the old social gospelers like Washington Gladden, Walter Rauschenbusch, Shailer Mathews, Harry Emerson Fosdick, Francis McConnell, and Georgia Harkness, it pains me to say this, but even unipolarist ideology has some rootage in the social gospel.
Conversely, if Christian faith (and mutatis mutandis Judaism) were only a contemporary practice that did not claim old rootage, the problem of continuity and discontinuity would not exist .
Rather, they are derived from a common rootage in the biblical writings.