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(linguistics) the form of a word after all affixes are removed

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To find word meanings for the primary grades, I look for root word meanings known by 40-80% of children at the end of grade 2 (Biemiller, 2009).
My first thought on looking at the cover of this book was that it had never occurred to me that 'demon' was the root word of pandemonium.
Pastoral Counseling Services isn't a religious counseling center, although they do embrace the root word of religion "religio," which means to mend or bind back together.
For example, teaching students the meaning of the word dictate ("along with the meaning of the root word dict (i.
Association of suffix with the root word follows many rules, making semantic analysis much specific and concrete.
Let us not forget that morale has the root word moral.
Ramadan, derived from the root word ramda, or to burn from the excessive heat of the sun (making the object ramad), was aptly titled since it coincided then with the blistering heat of the Arabian summer (2).
Whether the topic is ground safety, weapons safety, or flight safety, the root word is still safety.
The root word for their sport is "gymnaze", which means "train yourself ".
Integrity shares the same root word as the math term integer.
7) The term for "name" in Arabic is "ism," a derivative of the root word " wasm" or "simah," meaning "sign," "mark," or "brand.
The composition of the CBM vocabulary for these units was analyzed along four dimensions: 1) a topical analysis based on Dolch (1948); 2) a root word analysis based on the work of Biemiller (2004) and Biemiller and Slonim (2001); 3) a rare word analysis adapted from Beals and Tabors (1995); and 4) a first thousand words for children's reading analysis based on Dolch's Interview Vocabulary List (1948).
I've heard that the root word for tara or earth, is the same as for the word therapy," says Anne, "and for us, it's just that.
In verse 4 the root word tahat [t-h-t] appears twice, signifying "subdues" and "setting under.