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The company, which supplies root vegetables and salad crops to Tesco, Marks & Spencer and Booths, started rolling out Roots-branded carrots this week, with parsnips to follow in the autumn.
To serve, place two shad roe halves in the center of a plate and set some quenelles of root vegetable puree around the dish.
This isn't a whim, it's a way of supporting local agriculture, of using food that can often taste better because it's grown when it should be--winter root vegetables improved by frost, sugars in fruit, such as plums and tomatoes, developed to perfect ripeness by late summer sunshine," said Beacon Foods's managing director Edward Gough.
This week's Root Vegetable and Lentil Casserole is a hearty does of vitamins and minerals but a few extra additions which means it packs an extra punch.
From Orange & Mango Sherbet, to Root Vegetable Nests, All-in-One Tuna Risotto, Grow-Your-Own Alfal, and so much more, these recipes and accompanying tips about the nutrients and culinary history of various delicious plant foods make for a wonderful, health-conscious cookbook to share with the whole family.
Due to its novel beet-like shape, this root vegetable can grow in rocky soil where long carrots would not fare well.
It's root vegetable season again and foods such as beetroots, carrots, parsnips, turnips and swedes are rich in flavour, cheap and genuine winter warmers.
According to Lugo, the cooperative sector now accounts for 53% of Cuba's root vegetable production, 56% of fresh vegetables, 90% of tobacco, 75% of corn, 76% of beans, 73% of fruits, 73% of coconuts, 58% of coffee, 63% of cacao, 61% of honey and 18% of sugarcane.
Despite its name, the prairie turnip (Psoratea esculenta) bears little resemblance to the more familiar root vegetable known as the turnip (Brassica rapa).
Beats me why anyone would want to bring back the root vegetable which literally blighted a nation.
New Cookbook from Award-winning Author Diane Morgan Serves Up New Potato and Other Root Vegetable Recipe Ideas
Serve with game chips (homemade crisps made out of your choice of root vegetable, really thinly sliced and deep fried) and watercress.
Mash Direct offers a range of convenient, steam-cooked vegetables --including mashed potato, root vegetable and cabbage products--using vegetables grown on the farm and offering the taste and texture of homemade food available to both retail and food service.
Beetroot is also recoguised for its health-giving qualities and Beacon Foods is supplying the popular root vegetable roasted and caramelised with balsamic vinegar in a range of cut sizes for products ranging from sandwiches to pot salads.
Gateau of Roasted Vegetables, Root Vegetable Bake and Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie were all contenders for the name of this dish.