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thin hairlike outgrowth of an epidermal cell just behind the tip

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degradation of legume root hair cell wall at the site of infection thread origin.
The sink term A for root hair uptake uses a steady-state approach that allows the use of Michealis-Menten kinetics also for uptake by root hairs (Claassen and Steingrobe, 1999).
Although lateral roots organized in all treatments, root hair behold only on control samples because of stress and early aging.
The rhd 2 mutants were noted to be deficient in establishing a root hair tip-focused [Ca.
Each plant recruits its labor force anew, and bacteria enter tiny root hairs that end up bulging into nitrogen-factory nodules that look like faintly pink peas.
1] hybrid filament floret genus gibberellin guard cell hermaphroditic horticulture imperfect incomplete inflorescence intergeneric hybrid interspecific hybrid intraspecific hybrid leaf (leaflet) lenticel meristem monocot (monotyledon) monoecious nomenclature organelle osmosis ovary ovule pedicel peduncle perfect petal petiole petiolule phloem pistil pistillate rachis receptacle rhizome root cap root hair sepal sessile source-to-sink movement species spur stamen staminate stigma stipule stolon stomate storage organ style taxonomy thorn/spine trichome tuber tuberous root tunic venation xylem zone of cell elongation
It's pretty hard to immediately tell the difference between this tiny threadlike thing and a [plant] root hair," says millipede expert Paul Marek of East Carolina University in Greenville, N.
Phosphorus availability regulates many features of root architecture, including adventitious rooting, aerenchyma formation, basal root elongation, basal root-growth angle, lateral rooting, root hair density, and root hair length (Bates and Lynch, 1996; Bonser et al.
01) correlations between root hair length and the amount of rhizosphere P depleted when comparing among 3 wheat cultivars and 3 barley cultivars.
The team, which also included Yoshihiro Yamamoto, an assistant professor of genetics at the Hyogo College of Medicine, took DNA samples from root hair cells of 28 koala bears divided among the three subspecies.
an already existing, functional root hair and root cortex are recruited and transformed into the nitrogen-fixing nodule as a direct result of interaction with rhizobia or their secreted gene products.
After a year of treatment, new root samples showed great root hair development and a significant reduction of phylloxera infestation," said Kunde.
58 g cm-3) exhibited uneven root surface with invaginations, reduced R and increased F in root hair zone, compared with plants in low bulk density soil (1.
Lectin, a class of sugar-binding and cell-agglutinating proteins, ubiquitous in nature, being found in all kinds of organisms (11) and lectin recognition hypothesis points out that lectin have specific binding sites both on root hair and bacterial polysaccharides, so it can be used as a bridge to link biomass and root hair.