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crop grown for its enlarged roots: e.g. beets

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Recovery and identification of carbonized root crop remains from humid tropical soils elsewhere (Hather 1991) led to a renewed attempt to resolve the problem of whether the Maya had cultivated them.
As part of the collaboration, researchers at the Danforth Center will generate data demonstrating the utility of what could be a key technology in its quest to improve nutritional value and virus resistance in farmer preferred varieties of the root crop cassava.
Members of the cabbage family require heavy supplies of nitrogen, whereas root crops, such as carrots, parsnips, turnips and beetroot, need less nitrogen but more phosphate.
Then you start all over again with the potatoes, beans, brassicas and your chosen root crop.
Root crop specialist and grower, Parripak Foods Ltd, has been making major investments in the production of its chilled ready meals to meet the demand for food which does not contain preservatives, additives or colourings.
The name of the root crop 'mangelwurzel' Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Ambrosia; 2 La Bohme; 3 Cricket; 4 The pressure falls; 5 On the French Revolutionary calendar; 6 The Roman Emperor Caligula; 7 When You Say Nothing At All; 8 German; 9 Joe Fagan; 10 John Braine.
He worked in various roles within agricultural consultancy before going into banking where he has substantial experience in supporting pig and dairy farms and large-scale arable and root crop growers.
Genetic engineering has been used to fortify a staple root crop grown in poorer parts of the world with enough vitamins, minerals and protein to provide a day's worth of nutrition in a single meal.
If a root crop is damaged by frost, do not feed it to pregnant cows, ewes, or goats.
Shine, who had a massive hit with his song Carrots From Clonown, is sponsoring a competition to find the biggest root crop in the land.
Heading the team will be Derek Little (ex Geest), technical manager Helen Redfern (ex Heinz), and production manager Colin Harris from Knights, one of the major East Anglia root crop producers.
Extremely infertile; this is the best time for harvesting root crops because molds and bacteria do not reproduce as quickly, and the root crop will store better.
English root crop growers have been given a time extension by Brussels to lift their crops delayed through the appalling winter weather.
The Chai-Na-Ta Group has agreed to purchase all the ginseng root crop produced by this partnership.
It follows, therefore, that in a plot prepared for brassicas with plenty of farmyard manure or equivalent rich in nitrogen and phosphate, once the cabbages have been harvested sufficient phosphate remains in the soil to carry a root crop the following year.