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crop grown for its enlarged roots: e.g. beets

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Members of the cabbage family require heavy supplies of nitrogen, whereas root crops, such as carrots, parsnips, turnips and beetroot, need less nitrogen but more phosphate.
The new root crop peeling area, including a technologically advanced potato line, gives greater flexibility to produce tighter graded product and helps to improve yields and throughputs.
Astronomy is probably a part of your routine already, if you plant root crops during the wane of the moon, or start using heat-protective ground coverings in the garden when you see the dog star on the horizon at dawn.
The root crop washer, now being used at the Benguet AgriPinoy Trading Center, cleans root crops like carrots faster and uses less water than manual washing.
During summer, they added, the level of cyanide in root crops increases because the soil is dry.
But a look at the menu showed that the root crop was just one of the comparisons to be made with our food and those of other countries.
Genetic engineering has been used to fortify a staple root crop grown in poorer parts of the world with enough vitamins, minerals and protein to provide a day's worth of nutrition in a single meal.
Heading the team will be Derek Little (ex Geest), technical manager Helen Redfern (ex Heinz), and production manager Colin Harris from Knights, one of the major East Anglia root crop producers.
The Chai-Na-Ta Group has agreed to purchase all the ginseng root crop produced by this partnership.
It follows, therefore, that in a plot prepared for brassicas with plenty of farmyard manure or equivalent rich in nitrogen and phosphate, once the cabbages have been harvested sufficient phosphate remains in the soil to carry a root crop the following year.
English root crop growers have been given a time extension by Brussels to lift their crops delayed through the appalling winter weather.
This is what farmers discovered from planting the root crop in the last decade in at least four villages in Moncada, Tarlac province.
Kayos is a poisonous root crop if not properly cleansed before cooking.
The pinhead-size cassava green mite (Mononychellus tanajoa) is one of several pests that feed on the starchy root crop, a food staple for hundreds of millions of people in the developing world.
We use yakon in place of apple, although it's not a fruit but a root crop, says Ramon Uy, a young farmer with an organic farming business based in Negros Occidental with the brand name Fresh Start.