root cellar

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an excavation where root vegetables are stored


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The root cellar maintains a steady temperature of 36[degrees]F.
This was where the current name of the society's headquarters, The Root Cellar, has its origins - the premises being in a cellar with its members searching for their roots.
You can also take up canning, start a little root cellar (you only need a dark, dry place, like under some stairs), compost your waste, sow some vegetables, rediscover hand-me-downs, use rags for cleaning, and much more.
Would that we could comprehend from their recounting how a man might find it in his being, in the root cellar of his soul, to inflict such wanton barbarity on a fellow being.
CONSUMERS BUYING A JAR OF ROOT CELLAR PRESERVES BRAND PICKLES are not only getting a crispy homemade artisanal treat, but also helping with historic preservation.
Canning & Preserving Your Own Harvest is a no-nonsense, step-by-step guide to properly (and safely--improper canning can promote food poisoning) preserving one's food, from freezing, drying, and canning to creating a root cellar, making fruit preserves, pickling, and much more.
From the nighttime dash to the river and the untimely birth of her baby sister, to the months spent living in the remains of their root cellar, Skye's story proves to be an engrossing, if horrifying, read.
Root Cellar Construction - For the pioneers, a root cellar was an essential part of every homestead.
Their brief ascendance can be worth examining if it illustrates their era or those around them, or, if you're going to go whole hog on the biopic thing, if it digs deep in the root cellar of personal psychology.
Apparently, at one point, Ethan and Josh even went down into the supposedly-haunted root cellar to badger the undead.
The siblings happen upon Living Earth while looking for food in their home's root cellar.
They planned to live there only a year, but soon Kenyon said she'd "chain herself in the root cellar rather than leave.
In her poem to a root cellar (selected from House, Bridge, Fountain, Gate) "parsnips, those rabbis / have braided their beards together / to examine the text.
The Hollow Tree is the third book in a trilogy (a series of three) that began with The Root Cellar in 1981.