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thimble-shaped mass of cells covering and protecting the growing tip of a root

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With root cap necrosis, the levels of cytokinin will be reduced, and there will be no induction of negative root gravitropism (ALONI et al.
However, the growth of root part was more inhibited by the extract, showing root cap necrosis, early secondary root formation, gravitropic inversion and atrophy in all weeds.
For example, roots in hard soil release more root cap cells and mucilage (Iijima et al.
The effects of aluminium on root cap function and root development in Zea mays L.
In the root cap cells, Golgi bodies are sensitive to aluminum.
Ryan PR, Ditomoso JM, Kochian LV (1993) Aluminum toxicity in roots: an investigation of spatial sensitivity and the role of the root cap.
surface of the root cap and on the epidermis and root-cap fragments
Greaves & Darbyshire, 1972; Oades, 1978; Foster, 1982) as has the secretion from root cap cells (see Rougier, 1981; Rougier & Chaboud, 1985).
We developed a bioassay that has allowed us to determine that chemical compounds exuding from the host's roots, root caps, and root border cells induce fungal hyphal branching," Nagahashi explains.