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adult male chicken

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When a rooster wants to be killed, I want somebody else to eat him, not me
The rooster had been boiling steadily over a slow fire since morning, but such was his power of resistance that his shape was as firm and handsome in the pot as on the first moment when he was lowered into it.
The rooster did indeed make an impressive showing, lying in his border of dumplings, and the dish was much complimented when it was borne in by Alice.
We'll see whether he gives up or not when I take a sharp knife to him," her mother answered; "and as to his looks, a platter full o' gravy makes a sight o' difference with old roosters, and I'll put dumplings round the aidge; they're turrible fillin', though they don't belong with boiled chicken.
When I grew up, and he found that I didn't crow and fight, as all the roosters do, he did not think to change my name, and every creature in the barn-yard, as well as the people in the house, knew me as 'Bill.
She was offel mad and she was mad cause I chased her old rooster round the yard till he fell down ded.
As he stood there, gazing into the middle distance, an individual of dishevelled aspect sidled up, a vagrant of almost the maximum seediness, from whose midriff there protruded a trayful of a strange welter of collar-studs, shoe-laces, rubber rings, buttonhooks, and dying roosters.
He cast a furtive glance behind him in the hope that the disseminator of expiring roosters had vanished, but the man was still at his elbow.
I was a fool not to know that a little rooster may be the gamest.
They were directly beneath the village, and they could hear the crowing of roosters, two women's voices raised in brief dispute, and, once, the crying of a child.
Billy dozed off first, and roosters were crowing somewhere in the distance when Saxon's eyes closed.
A RUNAWAY rooster which had been plaguing a Coventry neighbourhood with its early morning cock-a-doodle-doos has been captured.
UK rock darlings, Rooster yesterday joined chart-topping Athlete, whose performance on October 27 was announced last week, on the concert programme at the Academy.
Bubba the dog shares his food bowl with a stray rooster on the back porch of his Creswell home.
ILOVE speaking to journalists, '' says Nick Atkinson, the distinctly handsome lead singer of new kids on the rock Rooster - a good bet for the title of 2005's Next Big Thing.