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apartment consisting of a series of connected rooms used as a living unit (as in a hotel)


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They flit from furnished room to furnished room, transients forever--transients in abode, transients in heart and mind.
The room had been made ready, she said, even to towels and water.
Under this arrangement, the front bedroom, on the opposite side of the passage--next to the room in which Geoffrey slept--was left empty, and was called, for the time being, the spare room.
Under the door of the room itself I see a streak of light.
Of the four inhabitable rooms which were all at the admiral's disposal during the day -- that is to say, of the dining-room, the library, the morning-room, and the drawing-room opening out of the vestibule -- the library appeared to be the apartment in which, if he had a preference, he passed the greater part of his time.
The room in which young Robinson lived in New York faced Washington Square and was long and narrow like a hallway.
They returned to the hall, that the chief staircase might be ascended, and the beauty of its wood, and ornaments of rich carving might be pointed out: having gained the top, they turned in an opposite direction from the gallery in which her room lay, and shortly entered one on the same plan, but superior in length and breadth.
So they passed through the Palace Gates and were led into a big room with a green carpet and lovely green furniture set with emeralds.
The room in which Montbarry had died was still fitted up as a bedroom, and was now distinguished as Number Fourteen.
But as soon as he moved, the door of his room opened and Kitty peeped out.
He entered the room and shut the door, and for a time stood in bewilderment, admiring the grandeur before him.
The natives believed that Tietjens was a familiar spirit, and treated her with the great reverence that is born of hate and fear One room in the bungalow was set apart for her special use.
Only a small space of the room inside was visible, but within that space came a corner of the breakfast table, which was already spread for the meal, and also a chair beside.
Pollyanna, had fairly flown across the room and flung herself into her aunt's scandalized, unyielding lap.
Bruff's manner convinced me that it was wisest to check the impulse while he was in the room.