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an associate who shares a room with you


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It would not surprise me if a court extended [the Fair Housing Act] to cover roommate situations so as to prevent housing discrimination," he said.
A deranged college student becomes obsessed with her new roommate.
Yet while Christiansen's film is brash in many respects, when it comes to the solitary bedroom scene, intercutting one girl's romp between the sheets with the other student's breathless telephone sex, The Roommate turns coy.
Fashion student Sara Matthews (Minka Kelly) leaves behind her tragic past, involving the loss of a baby sister, to start afresh at university where she's welcomed by wealthy roommate Rebecca (Leighton Meester) and heals her wounded heart in the arms of hunky freshman Stephen (Cam Gigandet).
Two premeditated murder charges for the deaths of the father and the roommate were dropped as part of a plea deal.
The man initially claimed that a gang of six robbers attacked them in their apartment and stabbed his roommate while he escaped unhurt.
Overturning a lower court decision, the appeals court found that housing Web site Roommates.
It's perfectly obvious that an incompatible roommate can make life miserable, as anyone who has occupied a freshman dorm room can testify.
com for violating federal anti-discrimination law by allowing ads that express roommate preferences.
About a half an hour after my rollover, my roommate, still nameless on the other side of the green curtain, was told they were going to change his bed.
Eric (Michael Urie) is a seemingly average gay New Yorker who's trying to find a roommate for an apartment that used to be advertised as having a view of the World Trade Center.
Wade and Jordon then went to another room to strong-arm the other roommate who was home, Robert Outlaw, to get some money.
1999), physical attractiveness (Carli, Ganley, & Pierce-Otay, 1991), and even circadian activity rhythms (Watts, 1982) impact roommate compatibility.
In an attempt to overcome her shyness and lack of experience in the dating world, Claudia hatches a scheme with her roommate nicknamed "target practice.
During the project, one of the participants, let's call him T, finally confessed to his white roommate that he had secretly been using a lotah.