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a house where rooms are rented

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FITCHBURG -- All eight men who were living in an allegedly illegal rooming house on River Street that was destroyed by fire Tuesday are fine, but the fire has called into question the need for such housing in the city.
Wong said the city took owner Mark Woodward to court for violations and reached an agreement that he would repair the building and not use it as a rooming house or boardinghouse.
Ms Victoria said local Victorian councils were responsible for updating the register, which would not only make operators more accountable for complying with rooming house laws but would make it easier for those wanting to identify illegal rooming houses.
For the first time ever, the Victorian Coalition Government is introducing a coordinated statewide register for rooming houses to give much greater transparency about where rooming houses are located in the Victorian community and who is operating them, Ms Victoria said.
Rooming houses are group residences with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.
These 'emergency' rooming houses are also expensive.
Public member Edward Weinstein proposed the rooming house and SRO increase because he was offended by the disparity between transient and stabilized rents, which are nearly 10 times greater on average.
Roderick to stay away from the rooming houses and their residents as a condition of probation.
21 in a third-floor storage area at the Main Street rooming house, which had been recently renovated, authorities said.
To hire a streetworker to help young adults (18 and 30 years of age) stay off the streets and live in rooming houses in the downtown Chicoutimi area.
Hotels would get no increase at all, except for rooming houses, where the proposal is for a 2 percent increase.
WORCESTER - A city man who was on probation for an assault with a dangerous weapon is accused of willfully and maliciously setting fires in common areas in two city rooming houses in recent weeks.
Michael Roderick, 46, most recently a resident of the Albion rooming house at 765 Main St.
Tenants in rooming houses, have few resources to draw upon in an emergency.
She said she wants the city to better regulate rooming houses across the city, citing 5 Sycamore St.