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a house where rooms are rented

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He added that rooming houses that are not licensed are unsafe.
Purchased emergency accommodation means rooming houses, hotels and caravan parks that are 'affordable' (defined as less than 55 per cent of a person's income).
Anyone who owns, leases or manages a rooming house now has to be licensed and pass a fit and proper person test, with the Rooming House Operators Act 2016 coming into effect from today.
We'd go to the rooming house and Charlene's door would be open.
The protocol for converting the vacant rooming house from the SRO status to 1-4 family is a tedious, timely, and costly process.
When first we meet her, October has come to live with other teachers at a rooming house in 1950s Missouri.
At the rooming house Herr Schultz is sweet on Fraulein Schneider, and their romance turns into a proposal of marriage.
TheDumbWaiter is a two-character play set in the basement of an old rooming house, connected to the rooms above by a dumbwaiter and an intercom.
The project provides an opportunity to not only improve the safety and amenity of rooming house accommodation, but will allow disadvantaged tenants to better engage with community and support services.
WORCESTER -- Two men remain in custody without bail on charges stemming from a fatal shooting last month at a Main Street rooming house.
TORONTO -- A team of community organizations and City of Toronto departments launched the Rooming House Emergency Response Protocol.
Public member Edward Weinstein proposed the rooming house and SRO increase because he was offended by the disparity between transient and stabilized rents, which are nearly 10 times greater on average.
The narrator recalls that when he was a boy, he and his mother once moved into a rooming house in Seattle.
Finding formal verse inadequate, he tried to combine the idiom of modern life with literary influences in Chelsea Rooming House (1930), his first success.
The Rooming House Operators Bill 2015 requires all operators of rooming houses to pass a fit and proper person test to obtain a licence to operate a rooming house.