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a small private compartment for one on a sleeping car

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Amtrak Sleeping Accommodations Recommended Number On Superliner Trains Capacity of Beds Roomette ** 2 Adult Bedroom ** 2 Adult Bedroom Suite *** 4 Adult Family Bedroom *** 2 Adult 2 Child Accessible Bedroom ** 2 Adult On Viewliner Trains Roomette ** 2 Adult Bedroom ** 2 Adult Bedroom Suite *** 4 Adult Accessible Bedroom ** 2 Adult In-room In-room On Superliner Trains Toilet Shower Roomette none none Bedroom 1 1 Bedroom Suite 2 2 Family Bedroom none none Accessible Bedroom 1 none On Viewliner Trains Roomette 1 none Bedroom 1 1 Bedroom Suite 2 2 Accessible Bedroom 1 none
Amtrak Sleeping Accommodations Bi-level Viewliner Sleeper Superliner Sleeper Single-level Sleeper Standard Bedroom Standard Bedroom Roomette Sleeps 1; Sleeps 2; toilet Sleeps 2; no toilet toilet and sink and sink facilities Accessible Bedroom Sleeps 2; specially Accessible Bedroom Bedroom Sleeps 2; equipped for Same as Viewliner toilet and sink handicapped traveler; sink, toilet, and shower Deluxe Bedroom Deluxe Bedroom Same Sleeps 2; sink, as Viewliner toilet, and shower Family Bedroom Sleeps 5; no toilet facilities in room
But I'm not sorry I went--the making it all in one day & coming back in a roomette all night to a morning class isn't exactly gymnastics for me.
In the train roomette you occupy an approximate volume of 2m X 3m X 2m or 12[m.
Kim, (50) officers engaged an individual traveling in a train roomette in a conversation.
On the Via Rail train, you sleep in a tiny roomette.
Passengers must pay an accommodation charge for all types of sleeping units, which include roomette (for one adult), single slumbercoach (for one adult), double slumbercoach (for two adults), and bedrooms of various sizes and occupancies.
On some trains passengers can pay for a private, compact sleeping room called a sleeper, roomette, or wagon-lit.
Binx implies that they share the same condition, even as they share her roomette on the train.
A metal cot the width of an Amtrak economy class roomette sleeper is bolted to the floor.
Each sleeping car has one accessible sleeping accommodation, called a roomette, with its own toilet facility.
City Pair Economy (Coach) VIA 1 (Corridor) or Roomette or shared Double Bedroom (overnight trains)
For instance, it can put together a nine-night trip along America's west coast, taking in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, travelling standard class and in a roomette sleeper (Seattle-San Francisco leg) on the Coast Starlight train.
Then the Grand Class service Paris-Figueras at pounds 110 75p single includes overnight accommodation in a two-berth roomette, welcome aperitif, a la carte dinner and breakfast.
There are affective words based on old ones that are adapted,like pulchritude is used as the basis for bimbotude (on an older Italian prefix), or another suffix like `ette' gets added to standard words, so from kitchenette we move on to a luxury roomette.