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the normal temperature of room in which people live

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The film was removed from the press and allowed to slowly cool to room temperature.
Let set at room temperature until firm to the touch, about 2 hours.
It is resistant to repeated sterilization, has an unlimited working life at room temperature, and cures quickly at elevated temperatures.
The acids at 10% concentrations had virtually no effect at room temperature and, except for chromic, no effect at 75[degrees]C.
While the new room temperature storage option may be used, ZLB Behring recommends refrigerating (2(degree)- 8(degree) C, 36(degree)- 46(degree) F) Helixate FS whenever possible.
Specialty hardeners also offered, including XU HY 360 100%-solids, modified polyamidoamine with a viscosity of approximately 300-500 cp at room temperature.
Based on extrapolation from the room temperature data only, the predicted compression set after 17 years is approximately 23%.
Mahmood presented new data showing that PICM-19H cells were able to survive at room temperature for days and then recover their full hepatic function within 24 hours of being brought back to normal body temperature (37 degrees C).
Most cookies will keep at room temperature or in the fridge (if they should be kept there) three to four days or in the freezer up to a month or two.
Researchers have long dreamed of superconductors that would operate at room temperature, or 300 K.
Product can be stored at room temperature and in large quantities, and does not require a yellow label for transportation.
Ethacure - These are room temperature liquid substituted aromatic diamines.
Ability to store liver cells in artificial liver device at room temperature for extended periods would allow for ease of transport and reduce storages costs; Liver cells considered to be the most critical component of an artificial liver device.
Do not leave the thawed turkey at room temperature.
Any neon or helium compounds that chemists produce are unlikely to be stable at room temperature.