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the rate charged daily for a hotel room

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1% to $153 owing to a 7% plunge in occupancy to 67% but average room rate was up 1.
BON Jovi, Rihanna and a weekend of speedway races all helped drive a rise in occupancy and room rates at hotels in Cas rdiff in June, according to the latest figures from Cardiff-based accountancy and business advisory firm BDO LLP.
We are committed to keeping room rates as low as possible while providing clean, comfortable, quality facilities," Joyce said.
Room rates for Dubai and Abu Dhabi both saw double-digit growth in the first half of 2012 for UK travellers, Hotels.
ROOM rates in Rio de Janeiro have soared even though the Olympics in the Brazilian city are four years off.
This mix of results reinforces the belief that hotels are reaping the rewards of the influx of medical tourists from Libya and some other countries affected by the Arab spring and room rates are likely to rise in the near term, the survey said.
The company is reporting that, currently, the average price of a hotel stay in London to coincide with the Games is GBP208 per night, which is lower than the predicted room rate of GBP280 per night reported at the beginning of the year.
In Chester, the room rate increased in the city by 1.
Kyiv surpassed Moscow and New York, where the room rates have dropped by 19.
The biggest decline was in Belfast, where room rates fell by 12 per cent - from an average of pounds 93.
GRAND Hyatt Doha, the latest addition to Hyatt's growing Middle East portfolio, has an opening room rate for guests staying at the hotel from now until September 30.
Mr Hartman stressed the group had not seen an erosion of room rate in recent months in Asia, adding: "The room rates are continuing to grow and in fact all of the growth in Asia, particularly Singapore, has been in room rate rather than occupancy.
The average room rate in Birmingham is pounds 74, an increase of pounds 2 since the last quarter.
31, the then-acting general secretary, Ellie Johnson, wrote that the room rate will be $85-$88 per room, with rooms accommodating one to four persons and the meal rate will be about $62 per day, to be confirmed early next year.
Malmaison says while the average room rate has increased, occupancy rates have also climbed to 80%.