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light that provides general illumination for a room

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The researchers evaluated 116 healthy volunteers aged 18-30 years who were exposed to room light or dim light in the eight hours preceding bedtime for five consecutive days.
It's high time we wrestle back some control from gadgets gone wrong like room control units -- give me a proper bedside table with an easy to understand alarm clock and, in the immediate vicinity, a couple of switches: One for the do-not-disturb light, one for the room lights, one for the bedside reading light and a dial for the air-conditioning.
Part of her goal in creating this company - and purchasing the office space - was to be able to flick one switch and have the whole room light up.
Moreover, 55 percent of 75 babies who slept in full room light were nearsighted later.
Some laptop displays rely on liquid crystal displays (LCDs) that work by reflecting room light, which saves considerably on battery power.
Subjects then went through three 24-hour cycles that included eight hours of darkness, 11 hours of indoor room light and five hours of bright light equivalent to sunlight.
The most common procedure is to place in individual in front of a screen emitting light five times brigher than ordinary room light.
HT7700 LCD Screen Observation Allows for Simplified Operation and Observation in Normal Room Light
The researchers found that in 10 of the patients bright light--several times brighter than ordinary room light -- "caused a marked improvement in mood which was seen within a few days and lasted throughout the week of treatment.
Daylight Harvesting is the technology of reducing electric energy for lighting when natural daylight increases room light levels.
Both models feature a new Deep-Black Natural Color Filter that effectively absorbs ambient room light, reducing reflections for richer blacks and vibrant color.
Both materials were exposed to room light conditions as rational processing methods require electro-optic materials to exhibit a very high degree of stability under equivalent operating conditions.
940 m, Clean room lights 145 pieces, Optics clean room 1 piece.
The report provides value, in millions of US dollars, volume (in units) and average price data (in US dollars), within market segments - Operating Room Tables, Operating Room Lights and Surgical Booms.
Room lights that transmit wi-fi, language translation watches for receptionists and printers for guests to create phone cases, cups or even footwear.