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Synonyms for rook

Synonyms for rook

(chess) the piece that can move any number of unoccupied squares in a direction parallel to the sides of the chessboard

common gregarious Old World bird about the size and color of the American crow

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Rook pie with carrots, mushrooms and onions, all home grown, costs next to nothing and keeps the art of the countryside alive for the next generation.
Mr Rook, who is married, with two children, fears motorists who can't see the 40mph speed limit signs along London Road could be caught out by a speed camera further up the road.
While my two Rook buddies were in class, I combed the room for stray clothing and misplaced toiletries.
Lacus Autumni is a patch of mare just inside the northern part of the Cordillera Mountains, while Lacus Veris is a much longer ribbon of mare that follows the inside of the Outer Rook Mountains.
Rook said at a meeting on cutaneous lymphomas sponsored by Boston University.
The question was a facetious one, his wife said later, but only because Lawrence Rook didn't really need Dr.
Although the majority of its algorithms currently run on Unix, CTO Fred Rook told ComputerWire there is an evolution underway at Manugistics that will see the company hitch a ride on Microsoft's coat tails as the Redmond bandwagon head towards the enterprise with SQL Server 7 and NT.
We're in a mall because that's where the people are," says John Rook, director of The HUB, a Christian drop-in centre at the Burlington Mall.
Miranda") (TSX-V: MAD) has staked 87 claims, comprising the Rook Project in the East Roberts Mountains in Eureka County, Nevada about 46.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 11, 2017-Sprint appoints Ivo Rook as SVP of IoT
You give the moves, the child moves the Rook eg a1, a5, c5, c3, h3, h8, b8 etc.
Rook Security said it has been collaborating with the FBI Indianapolis Cyber Task Force in response to the recent Hacking Team breach and subsequent global fallout, confusion, and concern.
Kenneth Rook, a PC working in the operations room at force HQ, said he could not remember seeing the South Yorkshire Police major incident.
NORTH East estate agent Rook Matthews Sayer relaunched its luxury brand Fine Living on Valentine's Day with the message - fall in love with fine living, it's really quite hard not to.
One of her best customers, Spring Court Prince Gadfly, tells Isobel she will be called upon by not-seen-in-centuries Autumn Court Prince Rook to paint his portrait.