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South African shrub having flat acuminate leaves and yellow flowers

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The most abundant flavonoid in rooibos tea (Aspalathus linearis) is aspalathin, a dihydrochalcone C-glycoside.
Selective bronchodilatory effect of Rooibos Tea (Aspalathus linearis) and its flavonoid: chrysoeriol.
Decaffeinated coffee and tea contains other stimulants, so try better options such as naturally caffeine free rooibos tea or grain based coffee alternatives.
Rooibee Roo is expanding its line of USDA organic certified bottled rooibos tea with two new flavors: Raspberry and Prickly Pear.
The blends include: Lemongrass Tea & Ginseng, Black Tea & Peach, Green Tea & Pomegranate, White Tea & Cherry, and coming soon, Rooibos Tea and Elderflower/berry.
Go ahead, indulge your senses with chamomile, rooibos tea, and vanilla--you deserve it.
In other common herbal tea in South Africa Joubert and de Villiers (1997) reported that drying affects quality attributes on rooibos tea whilst in honeybush tea drying methods did not significantly influence the quality of tea (du Toit and Joubert 1998).
In another significant deal, South Africa's multi-million-dollar Rooibos tea industry has received a boost after Rooibos has secured 'geographic indicator status' as part of the agreement.
ClickPress, Wed Jun 18 2014] The active promotion of rooibos by public health institutions helped boost volume sales for rooibos tea in South Africa.
2011) showed that chronic consumption of 6 cups of rooibos tea for 6 weeks significantly improved lipid profiles and the redox status of healthy adults at risk for developing CVD.
The new website will offer hundreds of teas and tea blends in black tea, oolong tea, green tea, white tea, rooibos tea, herbal tea, chai tea, pu erh tea, yerba mate tea, rock sugar, and hale sugar blends.
is President's Choice Sparkling Rooibos Tea with Lemon & Cranberry Flavours.
Hala Barghout, nutritionist at Platform3 fitness centre, says that rooibos tea not only offers a variety of health benefits, but is also tasty; she recommends drinking six cups a day.
Drinking non-caffeinated tea can be another way to keep hydrated when you are too chilly for water; when I'm running errands or post-gym, I often pack or pick up a chamomile or rooibos tea (both of which may confer benefits to skin via antioxidants), which are delicious and warming to sip on.