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a beam laid along the edge where two sloping sides of a roof meet at the top

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to masts extending no more than 12 feet above the rooftree that are
And I said: "Here is a shape that shines, set On a grundel of Nature's law, a rooftree So innocent of imprecision That a man may enter in to find his freedom Like air breathed, and all his mind Would glow like a coal under bellows--(New 29) (10)
The rooftree, and the rafters slanting down from it, projected their clean Douglas fir a few inches beyond the roof itself, and where the rafter tails overhung the garden Mark shaped their ends in a delicate curve.
What response do I give to the Japanese builder of our missionary residence who has arranged for a crucial Shinto ceremony to be carried out in connection with the raising of the rooftree of our new home?
As the second poem in the collection, it repeats (in "Watershed," its sixth section) to a remarkable extent these lines from the book's first poem, "The Return": Returning home by train to his mother's funeral, the poet races "the daylight's westward cycle/Across the groaning rooftree of the world.