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the top of a (usually flat) roof

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3 Technical Data and Manufacturing Plants Analysis of Rooftop Solar PV Market, by End-use (Residential and Commercial)
Bar Hugo opened on the rooftop of Hotel Hugo last fall and has since earned praise for its sexy, elegant, warm, and inviting interior, which features caramel-colored decor and an S-shaped bar.
Department of Financial services has instructed to all Public Sector Banks to encourage home loan/ home improvement loan seekers to install rooftop solar PV plants and include cost of system in their home loan proposals.
But in the following two years, much of the initial excitement over the potential of rooftop farming dissolved into thin air.
So, Rooftop has seen a huge increase in residents engaging with their landlord via the internet.
It is engaged in the development and operation of rooftop solar systems in Ontario.
With Christmas on the horizon, The Rooftop is the perfect venue for a party or get-together and can be hired out as a whole, or individual areas depending on the size of the party.
Due to the mega size order, the market size of rooftop will have a spike in 2011, and will fall back to the normal market size in 2012 and onward," Chiang said.
Travel Business Review-May 13, 2011--Andaz San Diego to Host Ivy Rooftops Pool Parties on Sundays(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
IMPRESSIVE The jazzed-up Merchant foyer ELEGANT One of the bedrooms WATER BEAUTY The hotel's spa LOVELY BUBBLY The Merchant's rooftop jacuzzi
I have heard a lot from Solar Providers and Urban Farmers about the difficulty in finding rooftops and other distributed spaces and gauging compatibility as host sites for their projects.
Once the initial installment cost of rooftop solar water heaters is paid, the hot water essentially is free.
So far, the city has about 300 buildings with rooftop gardens, and 100 more are under development, said Larry Merritt, a spokesman for the Chicago Department of Environment.
Following South Australia's introduction of a feed-in tariff scheme for rooftop photovoltaic cell installations, the Queensland Government is introducing a scheme under which households and businesses will be paid a premium rate for any excess power generated.
I looked out at the rooftop and knew we needed gardens here," he says.