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Synonyms for roofless

not having a roof


physically or spiritually homeless or deprived of security

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The building which we now entered was entirely roofless.
Not up," I replied, "for I noticed particularly that while the building is roofless it is covered with a strong metal grating.
In Jacob's Island, the warehouses are roofless and empty; the walls are crumbling down; the windows are windows no more; the doors are falling into the streets; the chimneys are blackened, but they yield no smoke.
Behind it rose the ancient castle, its towers roofless, and its massive walls crumbling away, but telling us proudly of its old might and strength, as when, seven hundred years ago, it rang with the clash of arms, or resounded with the noise of feasting and revelry.
One of the biggest Great Whites ever seen gets put in its place as a diver seems to give it a shove when it swims too close to his roofless cage.
Cliffords Tower is a complex structure which has had a number of structural interventions in the past, and which is known to have stood as a roofless ruin for over 300 years.
The Galilee Chapel at St Illtud's Church in Llantwit Major, which was transformed last year from a roofless ruin into an award-winning new visitor centre, will welcome HRH The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall during their visit to Wales on July 1.
In 1978, when the tower was a roofless ruin, it was bought by a member of Clan Armstrong, one of Scotland's officially recognised clans, and given a full restoration.
Qaiser Shah, a government servant and regular commuter at the Pindora Chongi bus stop, said that at a time when provision of better public transportation is being increasingly viewed as an answer to the growing traffic problems, commuters have to wait for their buses at the roofless bus stops.
Monuments of spiritual inspiration crafted by renowned artists and architects grace the town, including the Roofless Church, designed by Philip Johnson; the Cathedral Labyrinth; and the Chapel of the Little Portion, honoring St.
Shazia Bibi at Khanna Bridge said, standing at roofless bus stop was not easy for ladies.
In the way A scene made him scared Went his hair to rise Ran his eyes streams Woke up all his still sorrows and pains And recalled his memory to that very eve Generated his father to fall apart Under the belts of the cruel bulldozer As he was vainly defending their house Against the roofless jackals and wolves Packs of jackals Swarming to squat our Cannite-original land
ROTTING and roofless, this is the tarnished legacy of Delhi's Commonwealth Games.
Television images from the crash site showed the shattered remains of the roofless bus lying in a hard to reach area.
The Tories answer is to cut investment, well we are more than half way through this government's roofless cuts and Mr Cameron, the medicine is not working.