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a craftsman who lays or repairs roofs

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Karina Warrington, vice-chairwoman of the committee for the Caerphilly Workmen's Hall, said the roofers already contacted have not yet provided them a quote.
He noticed the roofer was still on the deck sealing the tar.
He had even advertised himself as a roofer on the internet saying he specialised in tiling, slating and re-roofing.
State agents are working hard to enforce a new law to keep unscrupulous roofers from climbing the ladder of fraud success.
As a roofer Mr Wright should have been aware the roof lights needed to be protected unless he had evidence they were capable of withstanding a substantial load.
The difficulty of even getting an estimate from a roofer aggravated this problem.
When people find out where he's going on vacation next week, some of them think he's a little crazy, roofer Will Schaefer says.
The single source warranty specifies that if there is any problem with the roof membrane in the first five years, the roofer will remove the greenroof, repair the membrane and replant the greenroof in the affected area at no additional cost to the customer.
JURORS yesterday convicted a man of beating a roofer to death with a hammer.
So a roofer is called to look at the roof, while mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors remain blissfully unaware of the equipment problems.
A few years ago, a roofer wrote about a young man from a middle-class family who had worked as a manual laborer one summer, willingly carrying shingles up the ladder to the roofers, even on the hottest days.
The lead roofer, Tony, gently spoke to the moment in his homily:
Roofer's Day, it was the custom of the roofers to let themselves drop from the rooftops without crushing the pedestrians; and they also had to throw their ropes from the sidewalk to the chimney.
Flashing at a roof/wall junction sometimes leaks because a roofer drove a nail through it when putting on a second layer of shingles.
Hers proved to be the prevailing way: Her brother closed his business shortly after she opened hers, and then signed on as a roofer with a general contracting firm.