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Synonyms for rondeau

a musical form that is often the last movement of a sonata

a French verse form of 10 or 13 lines running on two rhymes

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at the Verizon Philadelphia University Celebration of Innovation on May 9, was a surprise to Rondeau.
Rondeau that night, a woman he had known since he was 16 and whose sister he had once dated.
They were taking a need that the kids had identified--which was homelessness --and adding a STEM component," says Rondeau of the Johns Hopkins engineers who worked on the project.
It is curious that Hoppin also includes a double bar only in this particular rondeau.
It's not necessarily the first problem (people contact us with), although it is something we can quickly evaluate," Rondeau says.
Rondeau has bagged a win and a second from two visits to Brighton and, although he has yet to finish placed in four attempts at distances in the region of a mile, the way he has been shaping over 7f of late suggests there is further improvement to come for the extra yardage.
The Mediterranean has always given us good reasons to act and to hope, and it invites us to develop an art of living," said Rondeau.
Rondeau (Institute for Defense Analyses' Center for Communications Research at Princeton) and Bostian (electrical and computer engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State U.
Mr Rondeau is being treated for depression and rarely leaves his bedroom in Paignton, South Devon.
Allegations of corruption in a public-works program to provide rural areas with electricity forced Mines and Energy Minister Silas Rondeau to step down, although he denied any wrongdoing.
RONDEAU, a freelance writer who lives in North Adams, Massachusetts.
Gilmore's staff for the upcoming season has come together with one promotion and three additions, most notably new defensive coordinator Andy Rondeau.
Rondeau; a sister, Kelley Anderson; four brothers, Paul, Wayne, John and Michael; a grandchild, Sophia Rondeau and many nephews and nieces.
Clinton: Nicholas Azud, grade 10, Janelle Belanger, grade 11, Sarah Brooks, grade 11, Nery Castillo, grade 12, Tina Costa, grade 10, Eric Feliciano-Marrero, grade 11, Jared Giroux, grade 11, Seth Gonyea, grade 12, Chelsea Gordon, grade 11, Mattea Hakala, grade 9, Johnathan Lucht, grade 11, Erin Moore, grade 12, Daisy Moran, grade 9, Hannah Morris, grade 9, Amber Reardon, grade 12,Taylor Rondeau, grade 10, Matthew Sanders, grade 11, Kristin Tarves, grade 9, Claritza Taylor, grade 10, Erica Winchester, grade 12, and Michael Zina, grade 10.
Rondeau invented and pioneered the use of his Impact Mount(TM) technology while heading Valdor U.