romper suit

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a one-piece garment for children to wear at play


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During the trial the court decided that the romper suit bought by Al Megrahi was wrapped around the bomb as it was found among the debris at the crash site.
They will cover it in dribble, sick - and worse - just as happily as they do the cut-price romper suit from the local supermarket.
Leo, just seven days old, wore a pale blue romper suit with a matching hat as he emerged into the sunshine through the front door of Number 10 yesterday.
KELLY Brook shows this season's romper suit trend is far from child's play as she steps out in a horror denim outfit.
At my age my fashion sense has long since departed Don't wind me up, don't get me started A grown man in a baby romper suit, Whoever designed it deserves the boot I hear they are supposed to be all the rage, But come on fellas, act your age Next thing you know we'll be donning smocks, Putting on kilts just like the Jocks All this for me is way too much On a par with watching ballet, Strictly Come Dancing and such It really is a bridge too far The very idea of it is making me jar Lads, let's all make a pact, Promise me not to wear clothes like that We have to stand firm and hold our ground, We are men, we are proud So if you got a 'onesie' from your partner as a Christmas pressie, Don't you dare wear it, not on your nelly If she insists, then give her the welly.
London, Nov 29 ( ANI ): Prince William sparked baby rumours by accepting a romper suit from a well-wisher and telling her: "I'll keep that.
FASHION Team GB Olympic adidas Great Britain cap, pounds 12 Cycling gold medal winner Victoria Pedleton in official Team GB gear - available from adidas shops, John Lewis and London 2012 stores Team GB striped romper suit, navy, pounds 12 Team GB Olympic adidas lion Olympic rings women's T-shirt, pounds 22 Available from all London 2012 shops, John Lewis and http://shop.
This Star Romper suit has been reduced from pounds 15.
elgrade audiences witnessed e star being born- sixd Allesley pupil Dasha kina-Foster, clearly born lay the part of cheeky phan Molly in her versized romper suit.
Inaaya wears fairy holly dress pounds 10 at Woolworths, Regan wears Rudolph romper suit pounds 5 at Peacocks and Jay-Jay wears Santa's Little Helper outfit pounds 8 at Woolworths.
It costs pounds 98 and is available from various internet sites - if you're happy to walk around in an out-sized romper suit.
The most detailed forensic analysis of bits of cloth enabled experts to identify items including a sky-blue romper suit, pairs of trousers, pyjamas, cardigans and a tweed jacket.
While the little lad slept in a pale blue romper suit and matching hat, Prime Minister Tony Blair and wife Cherie both looked as if a good night's sleep would not go amiss.
According to an M&S spokesman, the all-in-one romper suit is the must-have gift this Christmas.