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Synonyms for romper

a person who romps or frolics

a one-piece garment for children to wear at play


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Each contestant will design a romper using a template included in a free designer kit provided by Imagine This.
It was either that or a cute romper suit with: 'I Dribble Better Than Samir Nasri' written on the front.
Adult romper suits are just plain wrong, no matter how many celebrities are spotted wearing them.
com; ROMPER "Hello Miss"print romper with solid challi Fuchsia, $35.
True, we had a blip when I bumped into you as violent nazi Hando in Romper Stomper, but I firmly told myself he was just an imaginary character.
Get yourself in the groove of things by getting a pair of neon over- theknee socks, an Ikat print blouse, a towel romper or a casual jumpsuit.
The comedy is on a list of forbidden films at Glasgow cinemas alongside The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, skinhead flick Romper Stomper starring Russell Crowe and Ken Russell's erotic movie The Devils with Oliver Reed.
While the thought of a 'My friends call me Samantha' romper may be a touch scary, the clothing range is perfectly pitched to coincide with the release of the much-anticipated movie.
He is credited for bringing Romper Room, Biography, and The Price is Right, among others, to viewers across the globe.
Romper Stomper (Contender Entertainment, pounds 16.
Or should we--gasp--let it all hang loose and allow gay people equal protection of the laws in the romper room?
Como pensador, la fuerza de Velasco radica en su capacidad de romper -- algunos dicen de pulverizar-- el analisis tradicional.
In an 82-page judgment issued at the end of the trial, the three judges said there was proof Al Megrahi bought a bundle of clothes, including a baby's romper suit, at a shop in Malta on December 7,1988.
Leo, just seven days old, wore a pale blue romper suit with a matching hat as he emerged into the sunshine through the front door of Number 10 yesterday.
With classic products such as SIT 'N SPIN, BOUNCE 'N GO INCH-ALONG and ROMPER STOMPERS, parents can feel good about letting kids enjoy their play time with the added benefit of being physically active," said Dr.