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All of this led to a romanticization of Native American cultures as representing real alternatives to the often alienating and troubling world of modernity, in which many advances seemed more like failures.
In truth, that era constituted an extraordinary historical moment created by a unique conjunction of social changes, both within and outside the United States: the transformation of American society from a manufacturing to a post-industrial economy and the corresponding destabilization of the urban black working class; the civil rights reforms and the subsequent alterations of the black community's class structure; the anti-colonial revolts in the third world regions of Africa and Asia and the romanticization of national liberation movements; the Vietnam War protests and the weakened legitimacy of the mainstream culture.
Their wholesale critique of logocentrism, he argues, leads to a condemnation of all intellectual activity, to anti-intellectualism, and, especially with Sartre, to a romanticization of action, of armed anti-colonial struggle.
Most people have quite the opposite idea of it, that code-writing is somehow akin to an acid trip through the synapses (or some other such silly romanticization, according to the questions I sometimes get).
She implies, though doesn't argue, that Quebec's rich folklore of rituals received its important place in French-Canadian history by romanticization of the old order.
The result was first a glorification and romanticization of the Civil War (or at least the Communist side) and, more recently, a body of synthetic and analytic work by Greek and foreign scholars.
In fact, it has often been likened to that other far more technically innovative (and far more ideologically flawed) masterpiece Birth of a Nation (1915), as a romanticization of the antebellum South and a demonization of the alleged evils of Reconstruction.
Gangsters" profiles some of the most vicious black criminals who ever lived and, says Hudlin, is "the opposite of a glorification or a romanticization.
What Alexander hears in this poem is talk of imagined homelands, a romanticization of cultural and spiritual values, so that Africa appears not to be the ideal place for healing its lost children.
These are the sources of the cultural relativism, which supported his evolving romanticization of the African village as "a perfect human thing.
Here the argument is simply circular, perpetuating the male bias of the poetry itself and proving the case that Wellbery's criticism tends to a romanticization of Romanticism.
The novels and stories serialized in the nation's daily papers reinforced these schoolhouse lessons through the romanticization of maternal love and sacrifice.
Theory has often allowed for the romanticization of women, rendering them incapable of violence and rage outside the bounds of victimization.
But Faust deftly pulls us back from a romanticization of Confederate marriage with a few sharp reminders of its central characteristic in a slave society: "If you would only tell me to do something, I would like it so much," Emma Crutcher wrote her husband: "I should feel like I was your wife, and that you claimed your property.
For the most part, the alternative and hip-hop media were no better at setting context, instead going into high romanticization mode, pronouncing Shakur a "martyr" or "his generation's Malcolm X" or "a revolutionary," as if simply saying it makes it so.