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Altman diabolically combats such romanticization of the loner hero in his depiction of McCabe, who cluelessly mumbles under his breath as he walks aimlessly around Presbyterian Church.
Neubauer explores the intertwined cross-currents between music and literary culture in the Romantic 19th century, linking fields such as musical criticism, musical novellas, the romanticization of the driven virtuoso, music-critical historicism in the period of nationalizing states, and the challenges posed to the Romantic composers by the idealization of the oral bedrock of vernacular-national cultures.
Nolt gives historic background of the romanticization of Amish life, from the musical "Plain and Fancy" in the 1950s to the opening of Lancaster, Pennsylvania's Amish Farm in the 1970s to the acceptance of Amish quilts as serious art in the 1980s.
There are strains of nostalgia, too, in his magical world, which bring to mind the romanticization of rubble and vacant lots in "magic realist" West German postwar literature (by the likes of Hans Erich Nossack, Oskar Loerke, and Elisabeth Langgasser), as well as in Berlin's underground music and art scenes after the fall of the wall.
The present problematic is defined by the neoliberal interests in knowledge production and is historically hampered by a European colonial legacy, necessitating a much-needed critical theory of African knowledge systems that avoids the romanticization of an African past, but rather focuses on transformative knowledge.
What was excluded, both the past century and a quarter and virtually any detail of the English colonial presence, is as significant as the romanticization of the select mythic and historic figures that did appear.
Hence, "radical orientalism," in which romanticization, misunderstanding, and genuine sisterhood were all present in a "radical politics of engagement" that led to two 1971 Indochinese Women's Conferences in Vancouver and Toronto.
Berhman argues that the negative perceptions of the refugee today are intimately linked to the romanticization of the forced migrant in an earlier era.
The demonization of government, coupled with the opposing romanticization of the "magic of the marketplace," has so dominated our discourse that many people now find it difficult to imagine an alternative analysis.
This romanticization of the African continent and the famous lovers is where Circling the Sun falters" ELIZABETH TOOHEY
Paul Michael Lutzeler compares the first part of Broch's Schlafwandler trilogy, Pasenow oder die Romantik, to Carl Schmitt's Politische Romantik, on the one hand, and to Novalis's concept of romanticization, on the other.
The Western medias romanticization of a Switzerland of Asia is likewise too simplistic.
I'm for human and architectural progress, and not looking at the past with excess consecration or romanticization.
Indeed I had come upon the realization that the romanticization of the Highlanders in particular had a lot in common with the glowing patina around Native Americans (in particular the Plains Indians) and even the dying generation of now harmless communists.
Nawaz Sharif's romanticization with erstwhile Lahore Declaration is unrealistic.