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Synonyms for romanticist

someone who indulges in excessive sentimentality

an artist of the Romantic Movement or someone influenced by Romanticism



belonging to or characteristic of Romanticism or the Romantic Movement in the arts

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In Zahmen Xenien, Mecklenburg argues that while Goethe dislikes Hinduism and Indian sculpture and is thus skeptical toward German Romanticist writers' Indophilia (e.
They are the romanticist, the traditionalist, the modernist and the individualist.
Among his topics are the fissured identity of literature: national universalism and/or cosmopolitan nationalism, Kant's "mankind" and/or Herder's "nature," interiorizing the exteriority: the cosmopolitan authorization of the theoretical truth, the oppositional literary transcendental: the Russian formalist rewriting of early Romanticist cosmopolitanism, and political and/or literary community: from class to messianic cosmopolitanism.
Russian formalists' rewriting of early romanticist cosmopolitanism was revolutionary in its spirit.
An unexpected virtue of Bailey's introduction is its detailed bibliographic endnotes, particularly useful as tools for introducing the graduate student or novice romanticist to the best of Fuller scholarship.
95 (Laurence King) SOPHISTICATED fairy tale outlines give the romanticist carte blanche to weave a web of beautiful colours and to create amazing pictures.
10:35pm, 1998, one of two seascapes in the show, is a German Romanticist view of big sky over an ocean, as seen through a hazy saltwater filter.
I don't know the right words, but I was kind of a romanticist, and I loved the idea of being a concert pianist when I was very young.
A novelist but not a romanticist, Theroux points out that fiction always provides a 'cozy refuge' of some sort: Greeneland comes equipped with 'a hotel with a veranda .
These include religious Zionists who combine religious Orthodoxy, romanticist nationalism, and individual creative expression, Masorti women who manage to combine feminist ideas with religious traditionalism, American Jews who hold on to both liberal democratic values and loyalty to Israel, and young unmarried American Jews who are inventing new forms of multicultural Jewish involvement, all of whom have constructed forms of Jewish belonging that merge their senses of personal and collective authenticity.
In the view of Othmar Spann, following the French Revolution German "economists turned away from atomistic and mechanistic views towards an organic conception of society, a conception which was rooted in philosophy and bore fruit in the romanticist movement.
You can try to wish it away if you are a romanticist, but you can never rule it out if you are a realist
Chloe is a romanticist by nature, meets and falls in love with John, but is whisked away by her French fantasy love, Jacques.
Throughout, Reid explicitly identifies the many ways in which Indonesia was an imposed, romanticist creation, yet uncritically refers to the historic unity of its national identity.