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Synonyms for romanticist

someone who indulges in excessive sentimentality

an artist of the Romantic Movement or someone influenced by Romanticism



belonging to or characteristic of Romanticism or the Romantic Movement in the arts

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There is a perhaps subtly ironic romanticist fetish in the way that Pechter "makes love" to his employment as a Shakespeare scholar, perhaps in a way that reminds us, however indirectly, of Woolf's own elevation of Shakespeare's genius.
The romanticist considers nature as a source of inspiration, and believes that love can connect people of different cultures.
The intriguing plotline, based on a short story by the French romanticist Theophile Gautier, tells us about fatal beauty Armide, which even after death causes the hearts to break.
There may be an element of this but his practical approach to off-loading players when he does not see them fitting in, or when he considers them too old, indicates a more pragmatic streak which when combined with his hatred of losing implies he is not that much of a romanticist.
Across the country it was possible for good old Sigurd Lewerentz to be Classicist, stripped Classicist, window and door handle manufacturer, enjoyer of cigars, encourager of guys doing naughty tubes-and-vents architecture, Romanticist, Brutalist and continue designing right into his 90s.
Quizzically, Dobbs also considers Fairbairn a romanticist, and in so doing does not develop the Calvinistic influences on Fairbairn which are embedded in his retention of an aggressive, drive-like affect in the repressed "internal saboteur" of the anti-libidinal ego and the repressed, seductive, but ultimately dismissive libidinal ego.
Reviewing the Romanticist polarization of masculinist and feminist orders and practices, Wolfson (English, Princeton U.
Few critics are more subtle, sensitive and rarefied, less like the streetwise New York intellectuals, than Bloom's fellow Romanticist Geoffrey Hartman.
Stakeholders with a romanticist orientation believe that education is about directing attention onto the child.
Walsall may have presented Timm with a healthy dose of pragmatism, but he is still a romanticist regarding the beautiful game.
In Nostromo Conrad's goal is, as Panichas puts it, "to disabuse us of our beliefs in man's natural goodness or in any romanticist, sentimental, or utopian notion of human existence.
Imperial and radical nationalist histories were romanticist and concentrated exclusively on glorifying the contribution to national progress made by explorers, pioneers, convicts, squatters, gold diggers, Anzacs, bushrangers, drovers and shearers, et cetera.
The National Gallery's main international show this autumn is in the Millennium Wing and is the first ever wide-ranging survey of German Romanticist painting to appear in Dublin.
Like his contemporaneous Romanticist colleagues, Goethe feels that