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Some professionals believe this has led to the romanticisation of suicide, especially among young people.
There was a sense of a romanticisation of the nature lived in naturally by indigenous peoples and a 'longing' for pure environments.
It must be stated that this approach does not lead to romanticisation.
The difference between Lange's age in the flashbacks and the show's present allows for an immersion in the show's representation of the house's storied past, but on a different level, it also highlights Constance's investment in a past that eludes the romanticisation we often attribute to the 'younger days' as her flashbacks are characterized by pain and violence associated with domesticity and motherhood.
As the zombie has compensated for the vampire's romanticisation and idealisation, surely another monster will come forth, or rise again, to unsettle, disturb, and disorient audiences, as true horror is meant to do.
9) Just as geographer Paul Carter looked to different styles of language to reveal the Romanticisation and legitimisation of colonial society, this article looks to early Australian art and literature as discourses which construct landscape, truth and reality.
This romanticisation is difficult to avoid; as Swan (2012: 59) suggests, "Experience, particularly in its emotional and bodily representations is sometimes is sometimes presumed to be un-mediated and un-ideological as emotions and bodies are often thought to be more real, more natural and more true than rationality or cognition.
Apart from the romanticisation around revolutionary promise the kambo and its inhabitants attracted no further interrogation from the Khartoum crowd, exception being to my knowledge the 1982 PhD thesis of Tayseer Mohamed Ali 'The Cultivation of Hunger: Towards the Political Economy of Agricultural Development in Sudan'.
The romanticisation of the military was a product of the long Eelam War.
Furthermore, this particular alteration of fan practices through new media technologies also indicates that we cannot consider the dialectic of value purely as a romanticisation of cult media and fans: cult fandom doesn't merely "escape" or "resist" the process of commodification, it also intensifies-and is increasingly caught in these same processes.
As the article tries to show that polygamy was not inherently bad as portrayed by colonialists and their attendant merchandisers, it is not encumbered in the romanticisation of the African past, but in borrowing those indigenous practices that helped to sustain the Shona in the past.
The flip-side of this point about the romanticisation of the Liberal Party would be the positive case for the Labour Party as the predominant party of the left in British politics.
In my classification, they will see a too ready demonization of the traditional intellectual and a holier-than-thou romanticisation of the critical intellectual.
I suspect that Winch himself may have absentmindedly fallen into the romanticisation of rural living that he is dissecting and therefore has failed to dwell on the fact that the rural districts were awash with a poverty-stricken underclass.