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the first coherent school of American art

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Romantic Realism processes, shapes, and re-presents reality in accordance with the needs and processes of man's valuing mind.
Expect gritty romantic realism from these masters of melancholy alt-rock, including songs from their acclaimed album, The Seldom Seen Kid.
Berresford unfolds a fascinating panorama of names and images: as well as romantic realism, beginning with Vincenzo Vela and social realism in the 1880s, there are works by Enrico Butti, Odoardo Tabacchi and Giulio Monteverde, the last an example of the philosophy of the Brera and Albertina Academies.
Lincoln's romantic realism did not allow for such unrefined nation-worship.
Piave, Boito, Pirandello: From Romantic Realism to Modernism.
A mix of Chase's romantic realism and Whistler's moody aestheticism, this Study is a full-length portrait of a dark-haired woman wearing a light, robin's-eggshell-blue dress against a ground of pale and darker yellows.
Embodying the liminality of the post-Napoleonic era in their own psychic patterns and behavioral practices, Romantic writers and artists--poets, in the wide sense in which Shelly uses the term--balanced a romantic realism that grounded them in history with a romantic skepticism that revealed to them the semiotic nature of all meaning and valor.
Through his study of the literature of the Tokugawa period (1603-1867), he led a revival of interest in the 17th-century writer Ihara Saikaku, whose sharp perceptions he adapted to create a style of romantic realism.
COM * A full-time artist for more than 35 years now, self-taught artist Kent Wallis uses oil to explore the boundaries between Romantic realism and impressionism.
Against these, the bucolic romantic realism of Susan Hiller's Country Roads/Landstrassen piezo prints shown by Neu was a frequently repeated mood.
Anna Razumovskaya's signature Romantic Realism style was on display.
At the moment, I position myself as an artist working in the direction of Romantic Realism based on mountain landscapes.
Beauty and romance are at the core of Lauri Blank's sophisticated paintings, which adhere to the expressive style of Romantic Realism.
Type(s) of Art to be Exhibited: limited-edition canvases in Romantic Realism, Impressionism and plein air, open-edition prints and canvases and limited-edition bronze sculptures