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the first coherent school of American art

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Embodying the liminality of the post-Napoleonic era in their own psychic patterns and behavioral practices, Romantic writers and artists--poets, in the wide sense in which Shelly uses the term--balanced a romantic realism that grounded them in history with a romantic skepticism that revealed to them the semiotic nature of all meaning and valor.
Against these, the bucolic romantic realism of Susan Hiller's Country Roads/Landstrassen piezo prints shown by Neu was a frequently repeated mood.
Puccini's original concept was rendered more modern and more abstract, with little of the romantic realism of earlier pm-ductions remaining, By treating the set this way, the production occupied two worlds simultaneously--the concrete reality of Butterfly's Nagasaki of the 1880s, but also a timeless, floating world in which the audience could distance itself from the immediacy of the events to contemplate the story in a more universal perspective.
Then there was Tom, the gawky aristo who gives perhaps the best definition of romantic realism ever expressed: "Oh, I don't know, Charlie.
Each of these two prototypes of Romantic realism occupies a varied and reflexive position on the onset of political modernity, and the different ways in which one might--or might not--feel funny about it.
She has been painting landscapes from 1970s, which fall into the realm of romantic realism - a striking example where volition, value and objective reality are handled with skilful technique.
Count de Claviere's lavish oil paintings are famous for depicting a rich and romantic realism that both celebrates the moment and transcends it.