roly-poly pudding

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pudding made of suet pastry spread with jam or fruit and rolled up and baked or steamed

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FOLLOWING our item the other day about the family of the late, great Bob Marley signing amerchandising deal, reader Gordon Black emailed to suggest that they could license doughnuts, sponges, and roly-poly pudding - anything with Jammin'.
Many of the dishes it presents, such as shepherd's pie, dumplings and roly-poly pudding, have become the archetypal school dinner.
Sweet and savoury dishes on offer include Spam, steak and kidney pudding, potato and onion pie, jam roly-poly pudding, sago pudding and spotted dick.
I will," she insisted, "but they'll have to eat roly-poly pudding.
I dreaded suet pudding days - we called it roly-poly pudding - and the thought of the Christmas mince pie used to fill me dread from the start of the autumn term.
Upon entering, the friendly staff furnished us with copies of The Tale of Samuel Whiskers - the roly-poly pudding one - whose illustrations depict the house and its surroundings.
Roly-poly pudding steaming in a muslin cloth with a jug of custard poured over the lot.