roly-poly pudding

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pudding made of suet pastry spread with jam or fruit and rolled up and baked or steamed

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Many of the dishes it presents, such as shepherd's pie, dumplings and roly-poly pudding, have become the archetypal school dinner.
Sweet and savoury dishes on offer include Spam, steak and kidney pudding, potato and onion pie, jam roly-poly pudding, sago pudding and spotted dick.
I will," she insisted, "but they'll have to eat roly-poly pudding.
I dreaded suet pudding days - we called it roly-poly pudding - and the thought of the Christmas mince pie used to fill me dread from the start of the autumn term.
Roly-poly pudding steaming in a muslin cloth with a jug of custard poured over the lot.
Upon entering, the friendly staff furnished us with copies of The Tale of Samuel Whiskers - the roly-poly pudding one - whose illustrations depict the house and its surroundings.